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VFP-MTV06-21 ESTADOS UNIDOS New York City DISA/CULT 01/06/2021 31/12/2021

VFP-MTV06-21 EXPLORE NEW YORK, DISA/CULT 15 Vols AGE 21+ Dates to Be Announced in March (Dates usually
begin in June and go through September) Extra Fee = $150 USD
SPROUT, NEW YORK, NEW YORK is dedicated to helping individuals with developmental disabilities to grow through
challenging and safe travel experiences. http://www.gosprout.org/
WORK: Volunteers will co-lead small groups of adults with special needs on short vacations to various destinations.
Responsibilities include ensuring safety, providing emotional and physical support, enhancing fun, budgeting, driving and
activity planning 24 hours a day while on trips. Volunteers must be willing to assist with all Adult Daily Living skills (brushing
teeth, separating dirty clothes, showering etc.). This is very challenging work, yet also very rewarding and fun. Experience
working with this population is an asset but not required. Training will be provided. Between trips, some light office work or
assistance is required.
STUDY THEME: Traveling with disability.
ACCOMMODATION: While on trips you will stay in hotels. In between trips, you will stay at a youth hostel. Volunteers will be
responsible for their own meals, transportation and activities when not on a trip.
LOCATION: Manhattan, New York City & various destinations.
LEISURE ACTIVITIES: In between trips, you will have minimal time to explore NYC
TERMINAL: New York City, New York.
SPECIAL REMARKS: Responsible, motivated vols age 21+ with driver’s license strongly preferred. Start dates are set for
orientation but end dates can be flexible if required. VFP does not provide insurance for volunteers on this project. Sprout
insurance only covers volunteers when they are on group trips. No alcohol during trips. Fluent English. VFP Motivation form and
phone/Skype interview is required.