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SJ07 FRANCIA Fouras-les-Bains CONS 10/06/2021 01/07/2021

AIGUILLE FORT 2-1 | SJ07 | 2021-06-10 - 2021-07-01 | CONS | Age: 18 - 100

Near the Charente River, the Fouras peninsula has 3 ports and 5 beaches on the Atlantic coast. The town of Fouras-les-Bains and Maison des Bateleurs - Solidarités Jeunesses wished to renew their partnership in order to continue the rehabilitation work on Aiguille Fort (known as the largest in France). In an idyllic setting with a view of Boyard Fort, work will consist of rehabilitating the redoubt (a fortification system built by Vauban) to protect Fouras from a possible invasion.

Work: It will consist of delimiting the spaces that are part of the redoubt, thus securing and protecting the site for future cultural events. Youll build and install a barrier and a fence around the fort, on the eastern front. Youll also remove the old gate, which is in poor condition and unsightly, in order to replace it.

Accomodation and food: Collective, tent at the Fouras campsite (pool, multi-sports area, WIFI, snack...). Food provided, meals prepared by you.

Location: Fouras-les-Bains

Location and Leisure: Youll be able to experience some water activities, like fishing or sailing. During your free time, youll have the opportunity to interact with locals, already excited about meeting you. Finally, youll have time to discover the beach, go on bike rides along the ocean, play beach-volleyball, and participate in many other activities. Youll also be able to visit forts and museums as well as cities like La Rochelle and Rochefort.

Train/Bus station: Rochefort train station


Language: eng,fra

Extra Fee: 0