Mediano/largo plazo
GIEDLTV 12 FILIPINAS Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija HEALTH/LIVELIHOOD/ENVI/EDU 01/09/2021 01/02/2022

CODE: GIEDLTV 12 NAME OF PROJECT: LawndaleFinance Company , Inc- Kasanib sa Pag-abot ng

Pangarap, Inc. (LFCI-KPPI)
ADDRESS: Brgy. Cabu, Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija 3100, Philippines

Extra fee for 6 months: 1800€

Extra fee for 12 months: 3000€

Sept. & Feb


PROJECT AIMS AND DESCRIPTION Kasanib sa Pag-Abot ngPangarap (Partner in
Achieving Aspirations/Dreams) LFCI-KPPI, an
institution dedicated to promote entrepreneurship
and work while caring for the people’s health,
education, and the environment. This institution has
9,341 members in which 95% are women. Most of the
members main sources of livelihood or income are

farming, tricycle (motorized wagons) driving and Sari-
Sari (small household) stores.

PROJECT ACTIVITIES Community involvement such as conduct of Outreach
Programs like Medical-optical Mission, Scholarship
Program, Pangarap na Puno Programs, Clean
Child/Healthy Child Programs, Gift Giving and Feeding
Program to remote areas in Nueva Ecija.

VOLUNTEER’S REQUIREMENTS  They have to be open-minded and willing to

 Knows the value of teamwork
 Able to handle cross cultural differences with
respect and full understanding

VOLUNTEER’S TASKS • Involvement on HELEN’s Rags of Dreams, Inc.

• Work exposure in the livelihood production,
marketing, creative ideas to enhance
products, etc.
• They will also be exposed in the trading of
local products to target markets.
• Participate in all different outreach programs
conducted by LFCI-KPPI, especially in nutrition

ACCOMODATION Living with host family (expect to have a shared room

with your host sister or brother)


 Visa processing is a long way here in the Philippines. To apply for a volunteers’ VISA, it should be before arrival
and it will roughly take 3-4 months to fully process the aforementioned.
 GIED & PNVSCA agreed that we strictly observe the deployment of LTV program quarterly only to facilitate
smooth processing of free volunteers visa in the Philippines.
 On the special arrangement we do accept LTV participants year round depending the availability of the project
and there is no guarantee of free volunteer’s visa during these months.
 If the volunteer cannot get the 47a2 visa. He/She will use tourist visa. We have 30 days free tourist visa. No
need to apply, just bring passport and the volunteer will get tourist visa upon arrival. after that, before it will

5| P a g e
expire She/He will extend it here in the Philippines for the first month it cost 3,300 pesos (around 55 Euro) then
for the next two months is 8,000 (134 Euro) and extend again for another 2 months until her/his voluntary work
will finish.
 For further instructions please take a look on the file for the Visa Procedure for LTV.