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CH-SCI 9.12 SUIZA Davos GR Work with people with disabilities / Social 24/07/2021 07/08/2021

Assistance of German speaking people with disabilities (Davos GR)


Camp code:

CH-SCI 9.12



Start Date:

24 Jul 2021

End Date:

07 Aug 2021


9: People with disabilities

Work Types:

Work with people with disabilities / Social

Number of volunteers:


International age:

22 - 99

National age:

22 - 99

Required Language:



Description: The project partner is a special holiday service provider for people with disabilities, which offers numerous assisted group holidays. As a holiday companion you don't spend a holiday in the usual sense - but unforgettable, valuable experience is guaranteed! The focus is on personal, conscientious care for people with disabilities, support and cooperation within the team. In Davos in the Swiss Alps, 15 people with various disabilities will spend their holidays. They should be able to relax in the hotel garden as well as enjoy excursions and activities in the surrounding area.

Type of Work: You will be assigned certain holiday guests whom you will assist during the holidays and for whom you will take the responsibility. Your tasks can be: pushing the wheelchair, providing support for people with walking disabilities, assisting in getting up in the morning and going to bed in the evening, cutting the food and feeding the guests, administering medication, dressing and undressing including personal hygiene (washing, brushing teeth, shaving, going to the toilet); accompanying and helping with excursions, shopping and sporting activities; money management.

Accommodation: You will stay in a hotel and enjoy accommodation in a double or triple room. Full board is provided.

Language: The local language is Swiss German. You need a good knowledge of German at least at proficiency level C1. SCI Switzerland will organize a Skype interview with you, please note your Skype ID on the registration form.

Requirements: Interest in care and support of people with disabilities; ability to take on partial responsibility; ability to work in a team; no fear of contact / courage to approach one another; courage to get help; physical and psychological resilience; good German language skills. Knowledge of first aid is desirable.

Notes: The holiday assistance team consists mainly of a local team and is supplemented by 3-4 international SCI volunteers. The total number of people in the assistance team is 12-14, at least one of whom shoulders the main responsibility and has professional care training.

Organization Description: SCI Switzerland is a non-profit organisation which promotes intercultural exchange, sustainable development and non-violent conflict resolution. It has been organizing workcamps and long-term exchanges for volunteers worldwide since 1920. Each year more than 100 volunteers from Switzerland engage in SCI projects abroad, while around 200 international volunteers participate in projects in Switzerland. SCI Switzerland is certified by the Intermundo quality label, which guarantees high quality standards in youth exchange. Swiss workcamps are mainly focused on the work with youth as well as in the area of environmental protection. That is why among SCI Switzerland`s values is also an environmentally friendly lifestyle in accordance with the ideas of sustainable development. Volunteers are encouraged to be eco-friendly, especially when travelling to Switzerland and during the projects. Before applying be aware of high travel costs within Switzerland and check prices on the railway website www.sbb.ch. A participation in the camp from the first until the last day is needed for reason of instruction and group dynamic.