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Adventure Land Lauchringen | IBG 03 | 2021-06-05 - 2021-06-19 | CONS,MANU | Age: 18 - 99

The community of Lauchringen is going to host an international workcamp for the third time. The project will take place in cooperation with the “Familienzentrum” (family centre). The family centre offers various programs for people of all ages to meet, exchange and educate themselves. In 2018, they built the “Adventure Land”: A big house with sleeping facilities, a kitchen, sanitary facilities, a workshop space, and a big common room. The place offers an afternoon program for children and youngsters and hosts groups during school holidays. By participating in this workcamp, you are actively supporting inclusive education.

Work: Build a terrace and carport for a social center for kids and families in Lauchringen! Join this camp to work on the surrounding garden area of the Adventure Land. The Adventure Land in Lauchringen is a place for children and school groups. It consists of a house and a big garden area. The building itself is already finished, but there is still plenty to build and create in the surrounding garden area. Some of your tasks will be: - Setting up and decorating a terrace surrounding the Adventure Land - Building high gardening beds for children to plant flowers and vegetables in - Gardening work in the fields - Building a carport, which is a roof to shield cars from bad weather You should be prepared to work a lot outside and with wood, but there are usually also smaller painting jobs and indoor tasks in case of bad weather.

Accomodation and food: You will live inside the building on the “Adventure Land”: There are two big rooms with sleeping mats, a kitchen, and sanitary facilities – everything you need. Please bring a sleeping bag. There is also a big common room that you can use for your activities. On some days, groups of children will come to the Adventure Land in the afternoon, and you will need to share the common room and the sanitary facilities with them. The two rooms for sleeping, however, are private and reserved only for your group. Have a look at pictures of the new building and area here: https://faz-hochrhein.de/abenteuerland/ueber-uns/scheune/


Location and Leisure: Lauchringen is a small and pretty town in the very south of Germany. It is located inside the Black Forest, which means you will be surrounded by beautiful nature. In your free time, you can go on hikes and explore the Black Forest. Lauchringen is also very close to the Swiss border and not far from places like Lake Constance and the university town of Freiburg. In Lauchringen itself, you can find everything you need for your everyday life: supermarkets, bakeries, cafés, etc.

Train/Bus station: Lauchringen

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