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RC-MTV-ENV-10/21 INDIA Villages around Patta ENV 01/07/2021 31/12/2021

Project No.: RC-MTV-ENV-10/21: Stop Climate Change (SCC)
Period: Open July 2021 onward
Age: 18+
Location: Villages around Patta
Placement: Placement is offered for 3 to 6 months.
Joining dates: Any Monday (preferable) during project cycle.
The environmental damage caused by us in
last few decades due to ignorance,
negligence and lifestyle changes is beyond
measure and repair. The results of our
activities can be seen in way nature is
reacting: Global warming, cloud bursts,
floods, long drought, unseasonal rains etc.
Stop Climate Change is a ambitious initiative
started by our partner organization (NICE
Japan) in 2015 with aim to find solutions
and reduce carbon footprint on
environment. At RUCHI we have now
incorporated it into our yearly activity as we
have since incorporation believed in
community development with
environmentally sustainability actions.
With this initiative we at RUCHI wants to
create awareness regarding carbon
emission and seek practical solutions to
reduce it within our capacity. We have been
promoting sustainable way of living,
reducing wastage(Energy, food), adopting
to efficient and alternative sources of
energy and organizing plantation drives
during monsoon.
Working closely with local communities
Volunteers can take following tasks:
 Creatively educating communities
and school about carbon dioxide
emission and its affects.
 Exploring on micro initiatives to
reduce carbon foot print.
 Encouraging people to participate in
community based plantation drives.

 Critically evaluate alternative sources
of renewable energy. (Solar, Hydro,
coal, Nuclear, wind)
 Recommending energy efficient
solutions depending upon local
 Promote sustainable lifestyle among
youth and community residents.

Accommodation: Basic, simple, safe &
clean. RUCHI campus on sharing basis(Twin
or triple) with common toilets and bath.
Food: Food offered will be simple
authentic Indian vegetarian and freshly
cooked. Three meals a day will be served.
Assistance while cooking is desired and self
cooking can be organized by volunteers.

PARTICIPATION FEE: The participation fees are as follows:
Per month - Euro 400/- (Fee has to be paid in advance. The fee is worked out on
monthly basis and not daily or weekly basis and hence it remains same even if one leaves the
project a day or week earlier)
The participants are required to pay the fee in cash on the first day of their arrival at site, Bank transfer
service & transferwise details available upon request. The contribution covers all basic expenses, e.g.
accommodation, gas, water, electricity, food, staff salaries and for materials used in projects/activities.
Alcoholic drinks are not included. Alcohol drinking and smoking is not encouraged in public and villages.
Project related travel expenses shall be reimbursed to volunteer each month with a maximum cap of
rupees 800. Leisure travel and personal expenses during free time are not covered in participation fee.
Why the extra fee?
RUCHI, like other NGO’s in India, is not financially supported by government to host projects related to
IVS. Hence all projects are self funded with a participation fee. Given the remote location and various
complexities we have tried our best to make it as affordable as possible for volunteers. Being a non-profit
organization we emphasize on transparency, below is how we spend collected participation fee.
 Food, accommodation and logistics of volunteer during workcamp.
 Project setup costs. (material and logistics cost)
 Running the camp. (wages of professional like mason, carpenter, plumber etc and training local
youth supported by us.)
 Office running/admin expenses. (Internet, photocopy, stationary, electricity, phone, salaries,
office equipments, tools and rent etc.)
 Supporting small community project.
 International travel costs to annual global conferences and membership fee for networking.
All volunteers are required to get Indian visa to enter the country. As per the new regulations an
employment visa is required for their placement with Indian NGOs. For details kindly refer to
www.indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa. RUCHI will be happy to assist you with required documents.