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RC-03/21 INDIA Baddi/Bandh SOC/EDU 05/07/2021 17/07/2021

RC-03/21 Baddi/Bandh Women Power SOC/EDU 10 Vols 05.07.2021 – 17.07.2021

Background: A women plays many roles within Indian
society; a daughter, a wife, a mother, a home maker and
even labourer to earn wages if need arises. Surprisingly
after supporting her family in various ways she is mostly
not consulted and involved in household decision making.
RUCHI always recognised women’s efforts and believes
that, still a lot needs to be done to help them achieve the
desired position within social perspective in our
community. Keeping that in mind RUCHI has initiated
voluntary project facilitating cultural exposure and assisting
women to overcome these odds.
This projects aims to empower women and girls of all ages
by helping them to gain confidence, recognize and demand
their rights and most importantly start being an earning
member of family.
Location & Leisure Time: Ruchi campus which is located
near Bandh village. It is 30 km from Kalka town and 60 km
from Chandigarh city. The area offers a unique opportunity
to live with nature in a peaceful environment.
Self organized city tours and excursions. Old Sikh and
Hindu temples in the near vicinity can be visited. Nearby
Kasauli town, a hill station, is a major tourist attraction. A
visit to Shimla, the state capital, will offer an opportunity to
see high Himalayan Mountains and British architecture.
Work: Working closely with local communities we have
mobilized women self help groups in villages. Through
these groups we have nurtured and supported women
entrepreneurship initiatives to economically support their

families. We also work with teenage girls in public schools
where we assist in development of their soft skills.
The volunteer is expected to better understand the role a
typical woman has in our society and join them in their
economic activity. Volunteers are expected to be creative
and skillful so they can implement need based workshop
for girls about adolescence education, personality
development, career counseling etc. They will also be
attending meetings of Self-help Groups (SHGs) and interact
with women to better understand their plight and assist
them to be economically independent.
Additional activities will include learning of various
developmental issues and solutions. They will visit various
humanitarian projects and interact with the villagers.
Accommodation & Food: Volunteers will stay at RUCHI
campus on twin/triple sharing basis. Bed and beddings are
provided. Simple basic amenities will be available, bringing
personal sleeping bag is desirable. Asian squat type toilet
& English WC with hot and cold showers are available. Our
cook will serve authentic Indian vegetarian meals. Requirements: Interest in gender related work and issues
with a sharing and learning ability, High motivation.
International Terminal: New Delhi
Domestic Terminal: Chandigarh
Nearest railway station: Kalka (30 kms)
Participation Fee: Euro 220