SMILE YWC36 INDIA Madhyamgram TE,SOCI,Manu, YOGA, CUL 16/08/2021 29/08/2021

* Yoga/ Meditation Workshop & Volunteer Service

Location: Kolkata and around
Age: 15+
Number of Volunteer: 10/ Camp
Participation fees: INR 15000/ head
Duration : 2 weeks
Project type : Permanent
Language: Basic English

Partner:- An international platform to exchange culture and language is the main aim of this camp.SMILE
Society ( Situational Management & Inter Learning Establishment Society) is a registered NGO & NPO working
in the field of International volunteering.Our mission is to provide volunteers with a workcamp program that
will enable them to make an important contribution to the poor and needy kids of India. In the past several
years, we have placed many volunteers around in different projects.

Our foremost goal is to "Bring Smile around" We ensure that all volunteers are
provided with a safe and enriching experience. Our flexible approach means that you
will be given a placement to suit your needs and time scale. All international students
are also welcome to take part in our projects. Our unique placements could become
the trip of a lifetime.

Target :- Energetic youth from round the world gathered together to learn Indian culture ,food ,yoga. Bring
friendship and learn each other culture while helping poor children as a part of their voluntary service is the
target of the camp.
Project Background:-

India is always been famous for its culture ,tradition,language and food cuisine . Different culture ,dress code
,language and cooking style made the country like a continent ! While volunteering in this camps youth can
have chance to interact with the East Indian ( Bengali ) culture and food habits . Volunteers and local family
together exchange the culture and tradition . Volunteers would have a chance to learn Indian yoga &
meditation basic lesion during this camp.Youth volunteers have golden opportunity to know about the ethnic
heritage of East Indian cuisine and tradition . It would be a great fun filled time for the workcampers.
In this camp volunteers from round the world would have chance to exchange culture,language,food etc.
Special attraction for this camp would be Yoga & Meditation lesson , local cooking cuisine , local language
class. It would be fun fill entertainment camp where Indian family and international youth can have a platform
to each other culture and life style. Camp would take place in the suburb call Madhyamgram which is just 8 km
from Kolkata Airport .Transportation, electricity,shopping places are all around.Nearest rail and bus station is
with in 2 km .Life is very simple and peaceful around.
Tentative Daily Schedule:

Wake up early morning: 9:0am
Breakfast :9:30 am
Maditation Actiont hour : .10-12 noon
Lunch at 12:30-1p.m
Lesson plan preparation time : 1-2:30 pm
late afternoon: 3- 5:30pm, work with children and practice yoga.
Dinner: 7-7:30 pm ( volunteers required help themselves in serving ,washing )
After 8 pm exit door would be closed.No one allowed to go out or come in the accommodation after 8 pm
everyday including weekends.
10 pm bed time
** Please remember that programme schedule or project site can be changed or altered by the Project In-
charge if required and all volunteers are requested to cooperate with our local members and partners. All
schedule should be followed and mandatory for everyone to participate and contribute **
Accommodation and food :-

Accommodation: Dormitory basis in host family/school building as per available on arrival ( on cot with
mattress/on floor with mattress, Common toilet and limited wifi available. 2-4 volunteers in one room on shared
basis, (normally male & female separate room). You will get accommodation till 6 pm on the last day of your
camp.We are unable to provide you any accommodation before or after these dates. Please arrange your own
accommodation in case of early arrival or late departure .Early morning and after evening(6pm-8am) Airport
transfers is not possible. You are requested to meet our representative at the meeting place on exact time given
above. If you arrive early then you can have your stay in any of the different hotels available nearby Airport,
within 2 -3 km .on the road popularly called as V.I.P road. You are requested to take any cab to check in any of
these hotels. If you arrive at earlier night then you are requested to stay inside the airport terminal and meet at
the next morning with our representative as per infosheet.

Food: You will get 3 times local food from local host. Please do not expect any kind of special dishes (veg/non
veg) or cold drinks or special living room or air conditioned room during your term. You are requested to get
ready for a simple and challenging life.

location & leisure :-

India is an amazing country with diverse culture and tradition, Interesting people ! Explore the country with
exciting diversity .Kolkata ,the city of joy was known before as Calcutta since the colonial time. This ancient
city was used to be the capital of British colonial period. This city has full of heart ,people are basically belongs
to the middle class . There are also rich and poor people all around . City Kolkata is know for its busy traffic
,huge population ,warm welcome and poverty around the street corners! It is a great place to visit for every
tourist coming to India. More over if anyone get a chance to live with the local host family then that brings extra
bonus to any traveler .It helps to learn the culture ,tradition,language while staying within the normal people of
the society.Kolkata( itself is a great tourist place with its historical value ) is well connected with many famous
and attractive tourist places during weekends .


We need energetic your volunteer with open mind and ready to get their hand dirty. Volunteers need to be
strong and flexible. India is a beautiful country but can be challenging for some people . Local culture,people
are interesting. weather is hot and humid in summer but please t during winter ,so get ready to explore an
amazing country with full of surprises . Due to big cultural differences some volunteer might face cultural
shock! Our request to all New comers please read about India and Indian culture as much as possible before you
apply for the project. If you got any queries ask us anytime. Do not forget to use our what's app for any doubts
or questions.

These are the documents we need on arrival :-

*Passport copy
*VISA copy
*Photograph( recent colour copy)
*Parents permission letter if you are below 18 years.
*you should not have any criminal records.
* Participants should have COVID vaccination and RT- PCR (-ve) report with them.

What to bring: You can follow traditional packing lists, small bag pack should be fine
with locking access. Here are several items that would be particularly helpful for this
volunteer experience:
A bed sheet
Vaccination as per your local doctor.
malaria medication
mosquito repellent with DEET
alarm clock OR watch with alarm clock
sleeping bag
Rain coat /umbrella during monsoon.
Snacks from your country for kids, host family and volunteers
Music/ dress / special souvenir from your country
Medicine and first aid supplies for emergency personal use

Clothing: - fibrous (ex: linen or cotton or anything that is COOL and dries fast in natural sun)

- for women, bring conservative clothing that covers the shoulders (ex:
shirts with capped sleeves) NO shorts, bikinis, sleeveless clothes outside
your own bed room (strictly).
head covering (bandanas, hat)
towel that dries FAST.
Mosquito net, Toilet paper, Soap and shampoo for personal use.

Meeting Point: At 12 noon outside the Kolkata (international terminal gate 4A) airport
arrival gate on the first day of your camo. Or as per arrival details. Transfer available
between 8 am-6pm only( subject prior confirmation).Please contact us if required.
Transportation : You will have to use the local available public transportation (
Train/Bus) the camp during your term. Airport transfer would be available only
between 8am-6pm subject to prior confirmation. .
SMILE Host family is at Madhyamgram which is at the north of the Kolkata city next to
Kolkata Airport (8 km from Airport and 20 km from Kolkata city center).