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RC-MTV-EDU-08/20 INDIA RUCHI (Solan) - 01/09/2020 31/12/2020

Project No.: RC-MTV-AGR-08/20: Organic farming
Period: Open throughout the year 2020
Age: 18+
Location: RUCHI (Solan)
Placement: Placement is offered for 3 to 6 months.
Joining dates: Any Monday (preferable) during project cycle.
Background: Himachal Pradesh is a
mountainous area where people are highly
dependent on agriculture to complement
their living in addition to their daily work.
However, due to shortage of water and
small terraces on sloppy land the agriculture
is unsustainable and farm output is not
sufficient keeping in mind economic value it
gets. Also due to steep terrain and small
terraces automated machines have limited
usage here. As a result we fear food
security in the future as many people are or
about to leave agriculture.
RUCHI campus is spread over an area of 3
hectares and has good fertile soil. We at
present are using our campus for exploring
options of pesticide free scientific farming
using natural materials. We have
successfully demonstrated, Wormicompost,
NADEP compost, Kitchen Gardening,
Agroforestry, floriculture, organic farming,
orchard development here. At present we
are gearing to install hydroponics system at
our campus for demonstration, training and
self sufficiency. In due course we would
like to serve as demonstration centre for
Work: With this initiative we aim to
educate and train farmers in nearby
communities by acting as a resource and
demonstration centre for sharing good
practices among farmers. Our focus is to
encourage farmers to reduce usage of
chemical fertilizers and still increase their
agriculture income & output.

Below are the few tasks which could be
undertaken by volunteers to assist us:
• Assist our agriculture specialist in
daily maintenance of farm and
produce pesticide and chemical free
• Actively assist our team to realise
our dream to be self sufficient by
producing majority of fruits,
vegetable that we consume.
• Exchange and educate our team
about good farming practices.
• Assist in networking of farmers so
they can connect and share
technical know how.
Accommodation: Basic, simple, safe &
clean. RUCHI campus on sharing basis(Twin
or triple) with common toilets and bath.
Food: Food offered will be simple
authentic Indian vegetarian and freshly
cooked. Three meals a day will be served.
Assistance while cooking is desired and self
cooking can be organized by volunteers.

PARTICIPATION FEE: The participation fees are as follows:
Per month - Euro 400/- (Fee has to be paid in advance. The fee is worked out on
monthly basis and not daily or weekly basis and hence it remains same even if one leaves the
project a day or week earlier)