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RC-MTV-EDU-6/20 INDIA Villages around Patta - 01/09/2020 31/12/2020

Project No.: RC-MTV-CD-6/20: Women Power
Period: Open throughout the year 2020
Age: 18+
Location: Villages around Patta
Placement: Placement is offered for 3 to 6 months.
Joining dates: Any Monday (preferable) during project cycle.
Background: RUCHI believes ”community
development” cannot be achieved until
women in our society are empowered and
are respected within our society. Though a
lot has been written about women and their
contribution towards society but its a pity
that their efforts are still monetarily not
accounted in our national GDP. A women
plays many roles within Indian society; a
daughter, a wife, a mother, a home maker
and even labourer to earn wages if need
arises. Surprisingly after supporting her
family in various ways she is mostly not
consulted and involved in household
decision making.
RUCHI always recognised women’s efforts
and believes that, educating a women
educates whole family & therefore keeping
that in mind RUCHI has initiated voluntary
project facilitating cultural exposure and
assisting women to overcome these odds.
Work: This projects aims to empower
individual women and groups from rural
communities we work with by

understanding and identifying their needs
and assisting them to overcome them.
Most importantly encouraging them to start
being an earning member of family and
achieve social status she rightfully deserves.
Working closely with our community youth
worker they will undertake following tasks:
• Actively participate in women self
help group meetings understand its
functioning & activities.
• Evaluate current needs of groups
and individual in SHG and organise
capacity building training for them.
• Promoting women entrepreneurship,
business building at individual or
group level.
• Educate on digital literacy, personal
hygiene, good parenting, sanitary
pads, domestic violence etc.
Resourceful volunteers with new ideas,
strong determination and high motivation
level are highly desired.
Accommodation: Basic, simple, safe &
clean. Host family or RUCHI campus on
sharing basis(Twin or triple) with common
toilets and bath.
Food: Food offered will be simple
authentic Indian vegetarian and freshly
cooked. Three meals a day will be served.
Assistance while cooking is desired and self
cooking can be organized by volunteers.

PARTICIPATION FEE: The participation fees are as follows:
Per month - Euro 400/- (Fee has to be paid in advance. The fee is worked out on
monthly basis and not daily or weekly basis and hence it remains same even if one leaves the
project a day or week earlier)