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RC-MTV-EDU-4/20 INDIA Kasauli area - 01/09/2020 31/12/2020

Project No.: RC-MTV-EDU-4/20: Non-formal Education (My Right to education)
Period: Open throughout the year 2020
Age: 18+
Location: any private school running for needy children
Placement: Placement is offered for 3-6 months.
Joining dates : Any Monday (preferable) during the project cycle.
Background: In the interior rural areas,
education of children in private schools is
generally unavailable and also unaffordable
by local people. Consequently, they send
their children to government schools.
However, the attitudes of teachers there is
a little indifferent and not very pro-active.
To meet people’s demand for better
education some committed teachers have
started less expensive private schools in
rural areas. The school enrolls children from
economically poor families from the rural
We started this project with aim to
introduce the concept of NFE in these
schools. With assistance of volunteers we
are working with 7 institutes at present. The
focus of education here is on non-formal
social aspects.
Work: With volunteers we want to
introduce and promote teaching which
promotes thinking and creativity among kids
rather than stereotype learning. The idea is
to make education interesting and fruitful to
children in age group 6-15 in order for them
to have a better future. The school wants
the volunteers to assist teachers and
improve on the pronunciation and grammar
of kids along with other lessons.
Volunteers can impart information and
educate children on various issues like:
• Basic reading, writing and speaking
English lessons.

• Personality development,
communication skills, creative
• Child rights, protection policy, Good
touch, Bad touch, Gender equality,
Respecting women, active
citizenship etc.
• Teenage life, adulthood, puberty,
drug abuse, Violence, student life
career guidance.
• Digital education and responsible
use of gadgets.
Accommodation: Basic, simple, safe &
clean. Host family or RUCHI campus on
sharing basis(Twin or triple) with common
toilets and bath.
Food: Food offered will be simple
authentic Indian vegetarian and freshly
cooked. Three meals a day will be served.
Assistance while cooking is desired and self
cooking can be organized by volunteers.

PARTICIPATION FEE: The participation fees are as follows:
Per month - Euro 400/- (Fee has to be paid in advance. The fee is worked out on
monthly basis and not daily or weekly basis and hence it remains same even if one leaves the
project a day or week earlier)