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RC-MTV-ENV-1/20 INDIA Solan- Rural and Slum Communities around Baddi township - 01/09/2020 31/12/2020

Project No.: RC-MTV-ENV-1/20: Environmental Conservation & Education
Period: Open throughout the year 2020
Age: 18+
Location: Solan- Rural and Slum Communities around Baddi township
Placement: Placement is offered for 3 months to up to 6 months.
Joining dates
Background: Baddi is an industrial area.
Economically poor people migrated to the
area in search of jobs and established their
temporary settlements. These settlements
are devoid of even basic amenities and
hence called “slums”. Industries and
increased human population is pressurizing
the already depleting natural resources and
causing a serious environmental,
health & sanitation problem.
Work: This project aims to protect our
environment using creative education and
organizing micro community actions in
collaboration with village councils, forest
department, health departments aimed at
preservation and protections of
environment. There is no denying of fact
that local community and environment are
inter-related and depend on each other for
survival. Therefore education of local
community towards social and economic
benefit of environment is vital for their
Working closely with local youth following
tasks shall be undertaken:

: Any Monday (preferable) during the project cycle.

• Conducting an environmental study
of communities and identifying the
present situation and needs.
• Creating plans or local actions with
village council to find solutions for
• Accumulating information from
various departments, health and

block development) regarding their
environmental action plan.
• Working with eco clubs in schools by
assisting and coordinating their
• Organising micro environmental
actions in coordination with women
SHG, village councils and schools.
• Educate people on environmental
concerns like Global warming,
climate change, depletion of natural
resources, etc.

We believe, innovation is key to success
therefore volunteers with prior experience
in related work are welcome to bring in new
Accommodation: Basic, simple, safe &
clean. Host family or RUCHI campus on
sharing basis(Twin or triple) with common
toilets and bath.
Food: Food offered will be simple
authentic Indian vegetarian and freshly
cooked. Three meals a day will be served.
Assistance while cooking is desired and self
cooking can be organized by volunteers.

PARTICIPATION FEE: The participation fees are as follows:
Per month - Euro 400/- (Fee has to be paid in advance. The fee is worked out on
monthly basis and not daily or weekly basis and hence it remains same even if one leaves the
project a day or week earlier)