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LMTV 10 INDONESIA Kudus town, Central Java. EDU 01/09/2020 31/12/2020


LMTV 10 MAN : English Speaking Learning



Min. Duration 2 months

Age: 21+


PROJECT: Interaction in English withstudents as a method to promote IVS and global education.

BACKGROUND: MAN 2 Kudus has been nationally recognized as one of the leading madrasa who continues to grow and develop into a center for modern religious, social, scientific and linguistic education. The objectives of MAN 2 Kudus are (1) increasing the level of students' faith and devotion; (2) forming academically and non-academically intelligent students; (3) take students to favorite public and private universities; (4) provide sufficient theory and practice for students to be intellectually, emotionally and spiritually intelligent; (5) train students to practice religious teachings so they have a wise attitude in daily life; (6) provide provision of life skills through skills programs that refer to the development of technology, sports, art, scouting and scientific work in accordance with the interests and talents of students. This can be achieved through strategic and comprehensive programs that involve the entire academic community of MAN 2 Kudus. Today, around 8000 MAN 2 Kudus alumni are spread evenly throughout Indonesia with various professions. The unwavering commitment of MAN 2 Kudus to maintain the implementation of the best education system with typical management standards. MAN 2 Kudus is located in a strategic position on the Kudus-Jepara road with a total area of 17,516 m2. When viewed from its designation, as much as 40 percent of the area is intended for academic and non-academic activities. While the remaining 60 percent is designated as open green land. In order to strengthen and expand the network, several leading educational institutions have collaborated with MAN 2 Kudus in a broad academic scope. Institutions that can be mentioned include: the Indonesian Counseling Guidance Association (ABKIN), the British Council, and Diponegoro University. In addition, MAN 2 Kudus also continues to study English and open Scholarship Programs with students from Nanyang Technological University Singapore and Putra Malaysia University.


•    To expand the knowledge and skills required in digital and global era.

•    To develop and spread the work ethics and positive characters through cultural exchange.


1.    To participate in school events e.g. seminar, commemoration of national day, etc.

2.    To mingle with locals in order to learn local culture and spread peace through living together in harmony and  

        tolerance in diversity.

3.    To represent school in official events.

4.    To share positive reputation of the school.

25 t0 30 hours/week; specifically every Monday to Friday Particularly during 07.00 – 14.00 WIB (Western Indonesian Time). Sometimes, the volunteer is needed to support the school events during the national days.

ACCOMODATION: Volunteer will stay in the boarding house (shared / private room, conditional). .

STUDY THEME: Non formal learning method.


•    Man / Woman 

•    Age 20+

•    Highly motivated, enthusiastic and able to work alone

•    Preferable experience in teaching through creative ways (preferable)

•    Eager to learn Bahasa Indonesia

LOCATION & LEISURE:  Kudus town, Central Java.

MEETING POINT: GREAT Office, JalanManggasariNp 58B,Argomulyo, Tegalrejo, Salatiga city, Central Java 

LANGUAGE: English& Bahasa Indonesia.

FEE: (0) Zero (no participation fee)

NEAREST TERMINAL: Ahmad Yani International Airport Semarang, IATA Code SRG


1.    Weather can be up to 40 degree in dry season.volunteer needs to be aware of different seasons with her/his home country.

2.    Local people are very respectful of local culture and religion. Some topics might become sensitive to talk such as LGBT and premarital sex.

3.    Meals, support for volunteer and transportation (car) for visa extension will be covered by the school, except flight ticket and fee for visa extension.