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IWC- LMTV07 INDONESIA - Animals Cultural Social 01/09/2020 01/06/2021

Indonesia: Wakatobi Sea Turtle Conservation IIWC-LMTV07 

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 1/07/2020 - 30/06/2021 

 Additional host fee IDR 4800000/Month





Your duties will vary depending on the time of conservation's work, so flexibility is essential. During your placement, your daily activities could include (1) Workshop on preserving the marine heritage; (2) Identifying different turtle species; (3) Collecting eggs for monitoring nests; (4) Taking care the turtles breeding (feeding, cleaning, and releasing the turtle); (5) Raising awareness to community about preserving the marine heritage (School visit, cultural talk, and workshop); (6) Clean up the beach.

Accomodation and food

The volunteers will stay with the host family, food will be cooked by the volunteers.

Location and leisure

Volunteer can visit some beautiful beaches along the coast, see heritage sites, enjoy the sunset on the hill, very possible to diving and snorkeling. Volunteers can also spend their free time in the cafe.

Project hosted by

Wakatobi is a maritime regency with abundant marine wealth lies right in the heart of the Worlds Coral Triangle. With only 3% of land, Wakatobi is the only regency in Indonesia where the whole area is mandated as a national park. The marine and cultural diversity have earned Wakatobi as UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. Wakatobi ranks among the highest in priority for marine conservation in Indonesia. There are atoll and barrier reefs as the habitat of large and small fish species, dolphins, turtles even whales. Wakatobi hosts two types of sea turtles, the Hawksbill sea turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata) and the green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas). However, Green Turtle is included as an endangered on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. According to WWF, the number of green turtles around the world has declined sharply due to overfishing, environmental destruction on beaches, and people harvesting their eggs. The project is still in the early stages of development, which makes your contribution highly meaningful in growing the awareness of this highly endangered species.

Meeting point

Matahora Airport at 15:00 on the starting camp

Additional comments

Your travel to the meeting point might be quiet long, please prepare yourself and bring your good stuff such as book or music tools to enjoy along the way. All your long journeys would be paid off once you arrived at the project site.


We do expect that volunteers are open-minded, tolerant, respect the local custom and culture, love to learn and share. For the airport, Indonesia - Matahora Airport *We suggest you book the flight to Jakarta (Soekarno Hatta Airpot) first then book another flight from Jakarta to Matahora Airport.

Organization IIWC Indonesia Age 18 - 99 Age 
Nearest terminal    Languages spoken English