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ASTO 06 TOGO Agomé-Tomégbé KIDS 14/12/2020 28/12/2020

ASTO06 : Village Christmas 14/12 - 28/12/2020 - Agomé Tomégbé
Participation fee : 200 €


" Village Christmas " is a solidarity project initiated by the NGO ASTOVOT Togo to contribute
to the fulfilment of children in rural areas during
the festive season. The report is that there is a
lack of recreational and cultural activities in some
villages for the benefit of small children and
adolescents. Thus, this project consists in
organizing Christmas festivities over a period of
two weeks in a rural community where the
majority of parents do not have enough means to
offer gifts, sweets and to make their children live
during fairy and joyful moments. The aim is to
create a fulfilling and entertaining environment in a public place in the village called
"Christmas Village" for the children. All the activities planned as part of the project will take
place in a space of conviviality and sharing. A well detailed program will allow the organization
of several fun, cultural and sports activities during the Christmas period with the children of
the village of Agomé Tomégbé.

Aims Of The Project
- To create a relaxing and entertaining environment for children;
- To offer gifts and sweets to each child;
- Organize fun and cultural activities for the children (raffle, music, dance, football gala, games
and film projections);
- To share the Christmas meal together with the children and their parents ;
Main Activities
- Meeting with the local authorities;
- Visits to families and inviting children to participate in activities;
- Fitting out and installation of the "Christmas Village » ;
- Construction of huts, stands and the Christmas tree;
- Purchase and wrapping of gifts ;
- Shopping for the needs of the convivial meal;
- Organization of play and sports activities on the site of the "Christmas Village » ;
- Projection of films for children and teenagers,

- Dances around the fire on traditional rhythms and dance (night) ;
- Recital and sketch ;
- Distribution of gifts and sweets (December 25) ;
- Sharing a convivial meal with the children and their parents ;
Located 15 km from the city of Kpalimé and 135 km northwest of Lomé, the capital of Togo,
the village of Agomé-Tomégbé has about 5500 inhabitants. It's a village located in a
mountainous area with a magnificent view, appreciated by its green aspect and its waterfalls.
The inhabitants of the village are very welcoming and mostly peasants who mainly cultivate
cocoa, coffee, maize, manioc and yam. The dominant religion is Protestantism, introduced in
the late 19th century by pastors from Brême in Germany. In addition to the Collège
d'Enseignement Général (CEG), the village has two primary schools and a dispensary.
Camp language
French and English are the two languages of the project. However, French is the official
language spoken in Togo. It is advisable for English-speaking volunteers wishing to participate
in this project to have a minimum level in French, because a large majority of local volunteers
and communities have a low level in English.
Housing conditions are generally basic (especially in rural areas). The group is housed together
in a house in which the volunteers have to share the rooms (usually 2 to 4 rooms). We have
small mattresses and plastic mats that will be used as bedding for the volunteers. Because
housing is often not equipped with beds. However, volunteers can provide small air
mattresses or small floor mats, sleeping bags, mosquito nets ...etc.
Volunteers prepare their own meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) on site. The dishes are
varied and diverse with local and imported ingredients provided. However, the diet of each
volunteer is respected and taken into account in the preparation of the meals. During the
international days decreed on the workcamp, each group of volunteers (Europeans or
Togolese) can present a typical dish from their country or continent.
As part of the international workcamp, several activities are organized: discovery walks, hikes,
festive outings, cultural meetings. These activities allow volunteers to get in touch with local
populations but also to discover Togolese culture.
During the weekends, group excursions are organized to discover the tourist sites of the region
where the construction site is located. It should be noted that the participation (transport,
visiting fees and other costs) of these activities are covered by the volunteers themselves.
NB : Internet access and electricity are limited depending on the project areas.