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ASTO 03 TOGO Kpalimé EDUCation 21/09/2020 10/10/2020

ASTO03 : Computer literacy and cine-debate 21/09 to 10/10/2020 – Kpalimé
Participation fee : 200 €

15 vols

First part : Computer course for students
Access to computer tools is still very limited
in schools and universities in Togo. As a
consequence, a large majority of Togolese
pupils and students do not master computer
tools. This becomes a real handicap in their
school or university curriculum. Concerned
about this observation, the NGO ASTOVOT
sets up for the benefit of students in the commune of Kpalimé basic and practical courses in
computer science and Internet tools for a period of three (3) weeks. The modules will focus

on: discovery of computers and familiarization with a computer, connection, navigation, e-
mail, downloading software and transfer of text and image files, discovery of social networks.

Second part : Cinema-Debate for children
In addition to the courses, the project offers the opportunity to make film and documentary
screenings to the children in the afternoons with debates and intercultural exchanges between
volunteers and the children. ASTOVOT has DVDs and projection materials.
Aims of project
For the first part :
- Learning how to use the computer and its accessories;
- Discovering the internet, search engines, web browsers ;
For the second part :
- Showing documentary films which in the end provoke debate and exchange of ideas among
First part :
- Registration of pupils and students interested in the training + presentation of the training
program ;
- Implementation of the training program (introduction, basic computer notions, discovery of
the computer and use of Windows, learning the keyboard, typing in Word and Excel, creation

of an e-mail account, introduction to searching for information on the Internet and use of
social networks);
- Evaluation and delivery of certificates to the participants
Second part :
- Choice of films or documentaries;
- Arrangement of the projection space ;
- Preparation and installation of the projection equipment
- Supervision of children ;
- Screening of the film or documentary;
- Intercultural debates and animations
NB : ASTOVOT has a computer pack of more than ten laptops and projection equipment.
Camp language
French and English are the two languages of the project. However, French is the official
language spoken in Togo. It is advisable for English-speaking volunteers wishing to participate
in this project to have a minimum level in French, because a large majority of local volunteers
and communities have a low level in English.
Situated 120 km north of Lomé, the commune of Kpalimé is the ideal place for nature lovers
and hikers who wish to discover beautiful mountainous landscapes and tropical flora.
Numerous natural waterfalls will allow you to refresh yourself at the water's edge. Kpalimé is
also home to the most important craft center of the country where a very large number of
artists and craftsmen have settled.
With about 101 088 inhabitants, Kpalimé is a tourist town in the Plateaux region. Chief-place
of the Kloto prefecture, Kpalimé is home to numerous infrastructures such as : district
hospitals, post office, town hall office, prefecture, police station, gendarmerie, banks, schools,
etc. In short, all public and administrative services are represented. Apart from the public and
administrative services, you will find art shops, shopping centres, bars, restaurants, discos,
etc. The big market of Kpalimé comes alive every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and
abounds in a multiplicity of products, vegetables of all kinds.
Housing conditions are generally basic (especially in rural areas). The group is housed together
in a house in which the volunteers have to share the rooms (usually 2 to 4 rooms). We have
small mattresses and plastic mats that will be used as bedding for the volunteers. Because
housing is often not equipped with beds. However, volunteers can provide small air
mattresses or small floor mats, sleeping bags, mosquito nets ...etc.

Volunteers prepare their own meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) on site. The dishes are
varied and diverse with local and imported ingredients provided. However, the diet of each
volunteer is respected and taken into account in the preparation of the meals. During the
international days decreed on the workcamp, each group of volunteers (Europeans or
Togolese) can present a typical dish from their country or continent.
As part of the international workcamp, several activities are organized: discovery walks, hikes,
festive outings, cultural meetings. These activities allow volunteers to get in touch with local
populations but also to discover Togolese culture.
During the weekends, group excursions are organized to discover the tourist sites of the region
where the construction site is located. It should be noted that the participation (transport,
visiting fees and other costs) of these activities are covered by the volunteers themselves.
NB : Internet access and electricity are limited depending on the project areas.