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JO-SSD 11.1 JORDANIA Ajloun Agriculture / Environment / Manual 06/11/2020 18/11/2020

Mawasem - Olives season in green Ajloun and photography exhibition.

This project is part of the SCI North South Programmes. Volunteers should be 20 years old, have previous volunteering experience and take part in the Preparation Workshops organised by their sending branch. More details from your sending branch.

Camp code:

JO-SSD 11.1



Start Date:

06 Nov 2020

End Date:

18 Nov 2020


11: Climate and sustainable lifestyle

Special Topics:

Climate for Peace Programme:

Work Types:

Agriculture / Environment / Manual

Number of volunteers:


International age:

20 - 99

National age:

18 - 99

Extra fee to be paid in the hosting country:

100.00 Euro [2475 Mexican Peso] 

  1. Accommodation and food: 0.00 Euro
  2. Transportation: 40.00 Euro
  3. Activities: 60.00 Euro
  4. Hosting organisation support: 0 Euro

Purpose of extra costs:

A partial support for the workcamp. 

Required Language:


Motivation letter:

This camp requires an additional motivation letter to explain in more detail why you would like to attend.


Description: Space SD is a Jordanian non-profit, non-governmental organization that works with youth, particularly those living in marginalized areas, and contributes to the long-term socio-economic and cultural development of the Jordanian society, social and environmental justice and sustainable living. Space SD also strives for protecting the health and sustainability of the environment. This project is organized for the first time by the Space SD in Ajloun. It aims to support the local community through providing a space where the local youth can experience an intercultural exchange. We also aim to promote the idea of volunteering in agricultural and ecological activities and encourage the local young people to get involved in work and the future of their farms.

Type of Work: The main task will be performed in the olives farms. The volunteers will pick olives from the trees and take it by trucks to the mill where they will be pressed to extract the oil. Also, the volunteers are going to photograph the olives picking season and beautiful natural heritage sites in Ajloun. On the last day we are going to organize an exhibition in the city hall of the municipality. Bring your camera or smartphone with a good quality camera. Working hours: 8.30-13.30 and 15.00-16.30.

Study Theme: Participants will have a unique opportunity to: get to know more about the culture and traditions of the local community of Ajloun and the city history; participate in basic learning sessions about photography; learn how to harvest olives and witness the whole process of producing olive oil; prepare a photography exhibition and organize the event for the local community; get to know various aspects of life in Ajloun (lifestyle, potential of the area, local youth and local people, culture and tradition).

Accommodation: Volunteers will live in the house of a local family in Ajloun. It's a double floor house with separated apartments. Volunteers are going to have one of those apartments that is separated from the family. The apartment has two rooms (no mixed) where volunteers will be sleeping on the floor with mattresses. The facilities are basic with mixed bathrooms, kitchen, and washing machine. The group will be in charge of cooking and cleaning. The Internet access is available.

Language: Arabic, English

Notes: The volunteers will prepare food by themselves (3 meals per day). The food products will be provided. Volunteers will be using a kitchen stove at the house, but during the harvesting cooking will be on firewood (the traditional way).