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UNA2003 REINO UNIDO Cardiff, Bristol, and Bath Renovation Manual Work 08/08/2020 31/08/2020

Great Britain: Living History UNA 2003 

 8/08/2020 - 31/08/2020 

 Additional host fee GBP 50


Manual Work




The camp covers three weeks with the focus being to restore the roof of Downend Cottage, with volunteers having the opportunity to learn traditional skills in carpentry, masonry and roofing as part of the process. Being a large site, there will be a variety of other work throughout the camp to help keep the site looking beautiful, for example dry stone walling, gardening, path clearing, cooking, woodworking, and haymaking.

Accomodation and food

Volunteers will camp in tents and cooking will be done on wood fires. Facilities are very basic – there are no showers, piped water or modern facilities on site. We use composting toilets. Visits will be organized to the local swimming pool where there are showers. Volunteers camp in tents and cooking will be done over open fires in the main farmhouse. In hotter years it is feasible to improvise showers on site, though hot water is limited by what is possible to heat over a fire.

Location and leisure

The camp is close to the historic cities of Cardiff, Bristol, and Bath which are near enough for volunteers to visit during rest days. In the last weekend we will be visiting a historical event in South Wales, and camp volunteers will have the opportunity to take part in the event.

Project hosted by

Grayhill Historical Farm was bought by the Historical Land Group Trust. A full landscape restoration to its probable condition around 1580-1660 was started in 1987 and to date two and a half sets of farm buildings have been restored in stone with thatch or Stone tile roofs. The land use comprises hay meadows, pasture, coppice woodland, orchards, gardens and arable. Over 220 fruit trees of varieties pre dating 1660 are now well established. The site has been used for a number of purposes throughout the years, including school educational visits, children’s camps, filming, retreats, international camps, feasting, and traditional crafts.

Meeting point

Severn Junction Station - time to be confirmed or Chepstow Coach Station - time


WHAT TO BRING • Old clothes for working in • Boots or wellies for garden work (we have some spare wellies) • Waterproof coat and trousers • Insect repellant and sunscreen • Toiletries and towel • Musical instruments and songs/stories to share from your country • Torch • Sleeping bag • Tents will be provided, however these are shared with other volunteers. Please do bring your own tent if you would like your own privacy. British weather is unpredictable. Be prepared for warm and cold weather, sometimes on the same day! Disclaimer: Volunteers (and outgoing officers) should not make travel arrangements until notified by hosting organisation.

Organization UNA Exchange Age 18 - 99 Age 
Nearest terminal  Trains to Severn Tunnel Junction Station from London, Bristol or Cardiff Coach to Chepstow Languages spoken English