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KTM-04 NEPAL Kathmandu Agriculture 16/02/2021 28/02/2021

16-29/02/2021 Kathmandu Agriculture KTM-04

Summary The goal is to provide the local population with access to organic agriculture
Background There are big issues concerning the use of chemical products in agriculture, such as
pesticides. These kinds of chemicals affect public health. The goal is to provide the
local population with an alternative way of sustaining themselves while involving the
whole family in the work and providing healthier food options.

Work - Nursery to grow plants and crops

- Teaching the local population how to plant and grow healthy vegetation
- We will be providing different kinds of seeds, which can be shared with other
families as well to provide a means of sustenance

Accommodation Simple accommodations with a local family. Volunteers will enjoy three traditional
meals a day, mostly the Nepalese traditional Dhal Bhat and Tarkari, and take turns in
cooking and doing chores. Showers are available with cold water.
Other activities In the evening we will be discussing about different topics, such as liberty of

expression, women empowerment, peace and so on.
Volunteers will enjoy two days off each week. Kathmandu offers a wide variety of
amenities, such as restaurants with wifi, pharmacies, grocery stores, shopping
Kathmandu, also known as the City of Temples, is home to many UNESCO Cultural
Heritage Sites.

Location The work camp is 13 km away from the Kathmandu airport ad 7 km away from the

Thamel area (city central district), in a small village.

What to bring Souvenirs for children from your home country, seasonal clothing, sleeping bag,
camping sleeping pad, work gloves, trekking shoes, mosquito net, mosquito repellant,
music, reading material, pictures of your home country
Requirement Positive attitude, respect and an open mind are all that is required
Participation fee 225 €
Language English