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JR20/216 FRANCIA Cremieu Renovation 09/08/2020 29/08/2020

France: CREMIEU JR20/216 


18 - 28 Age

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 9/08/2020 - 29/08/2020 

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 11 volunteers (5Male / 6female still needed)


The dry stone construction technique is based on traditional know-how and is found in many village centers, including that of Cremieu. Many walls are today invaded by ivy. This invasive plant settles between the stones and damages them, jeopardizing the durability of the wall. Also, you will have the mission to remove this vegetation from these walls and will have to restore the damaged parts. For this, you will be supervised by a municipal employee and local volunteers who will share with you their know-how. The work site is located near your accommodation, you will walk to get there. You will work 4 to 5 hours a day.

Accomodation and food

You will be accommodated in the multipurpose hall, in the town centre. On site, you will have toilet, shower and a kitchen. The meals will be prepared collectively and you will be required to participate in daily tasks (cooking, dishes, cleaning). You will be 5 minutes from the shops.

Location and leisure

Located in the Rhone Valley and east of Lyon, the town of Cremieu has 3,282 inhabitants. In its centre, you will discover the narrow medieval streets with old houses. You can also visit the many historic monuments of the town such as the Augustins Convent (18th century), the medieval hall (15th century) or even the Delphinal Castle. If you are fond of hiking, you can climb Saint-Hippolyte Hill and enjoy its panoramic view Surrounded by ramparts, the hill sheltered in the 12th century an old Benedictine priory whose remains can still be seen. Finally, you can take part in animations and share activities with local associations.

Project hosted by

Cremieu was a medieval city back in the 12th century, it has preserved numerous monuments, witnesses of 800 years of history and architecture. The city has nearly 20 monuments registered as Historic Monuments, that is to say protected and recognized for their patrimonial quality. In 2018, the municipality also applied for registration with UNESCO. In addition to these historic monuments, the city has many dry stone walls that are damaged by ivy. You will therefore have the task of working to safeguard and enhance this technical heritage


This workcamp will allow you to acquire technical and human skills. The removing of invasive plants from dry stone walls requires a lot of dedication and care. During the recovery of the walls, you will be introduced to the traditional technique specific to dry stone construction. During this project, you will develop adaptability, versatility and solidarity specific to teamwork. These capacities will be strengthened during the life of the group where listening, respect, tolerance and openness will be necessary.