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SJ/TEEN82 FRANCIA Bergerac ENVI,CULT 12/08/2020 26/08/2020

PARK AND THEATER 3 | SJ/TEEN82 | 2020-08-12 - 2020-08-26 | ENVI,CULT | Age: 15 - 17

The town of Bergerac invites you to discover the Dordogne at the heart of its international workcamp. Reflecting the multicultural aspect of a project of young volunteers, the diversity of the actors of this project and actions will surprise all the participants. The Pombonne park, a high-quality educational environmental center, is a place very appreciated by the Bergeracois (name of the inhabitants of Bergerac), and will be a privileged meeting place between residents and volunteers. It will also be the place to build an animal observatory using the super adobe technique (in earth sacks). They need your hands! You will also carry out other work such as the construction of nest boxes and the creation of thematic signage (fauna and flora) and their translation into English. magnificent lake in the park will offer you afternoons by the water in or on the beach. The La Gargouille theater will appeal to the artist who is in you. Between the dismantling of a theater stage and the installation of a parquet floor, you will paint the company s trucks and participate as you wish in circus, theater workshops, ... La Gargouille is looking forward to welcoming you on his place and to make you discover it. The international project is part of this approach to make this very technical association originally a space of life and exchange for local inhabitants and people from around the world passing through the region.

Work: Various environmental works, construction and rehabilitation of a performance hall. As well as artistic and creative works for the park and the theater. You will work in various spaces frequented daily by the inhabitants in order to improve their living environment. Worksite in the mornings and discoveries of the surroundings and collective life in the afternoons.

Accomodation and food: You will be welcomed at the Gargouille theater. Sleeping in tents, mattresses provided. Outdoor showers and toilets will be installed for you. As well as chalets for preparing meals, with a kitchen where you can take turns preparing good dishes.

Location: Bergerac

Location and Leisure: Bergerac, south of the Dordogne. Leisure: Swimming, canoeing, site visits, meeting with locals, circus and theater workshops, ...

Train/Bus station: Bergerac train station


Language: eng

Extra Fee: 150 EUR