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Background Dorna Centre was started by Ms Dorothy Nambi after her sister, a mother of three
children with the diagnosis of autism, passed away in a car accident. Ms Dorothy Nambi
decided to take these children in and support them and she begun to provide therapy at
her home to families with or without financial means.

Aim The Dorna Centre aims at helping children with autism to realize their dreams and to

strengthen the parents in raising their children.

Activities  Art therapy
 Brain gym
 Music therapy
 Occupational therapy
 Speech therapy
 Daily life therapy
 Vocational skills/Education

Volunteer tasks

 The volunteer is expected to teach the children in early learning
 Support the child with activities of daily living like teaching the child to bath,
brush, cook, wash etc
 Promote their hidden talents like sports and singing
 Play with the children
 Support the children with feeding
 Support the center in research on the current attitude and trends of disability and
how cultural practices promote discrimination and abuse of disability


 Love to work with children with development challenges
 Patience
 Flexibility
 Emotionally strong
 Open minded
We also welcome skilled volunteers like Physiotherapist, Occupational therapist,
Psychologist, Language therapist or Nurses.
Working hours They work 8 hours a day from 8:30am- 5:00pm
Transport The Centre is about 12 km from UPA guest house, travelling by public means is possible
though patience maybe required depending on the traffic especially during morning and
even hours. This might necessitate using a hired motorcycle ( Bodaboda) costing
approximately 6000 UGX for one-way. The volunteer may use around 8000 Uganda
shillings to and from with public means

Accommodation UPA guesthouse but we can also arrange accommodation with the project if the

volunteer is free to stay with the children.

Comments from

This is an interesting project of UPA. If you like to work with children with special needs
especially autistic children, this is exactly the right project, where you can support and
play with the children.

Communication The staff is able to speak English, communicating with the children can also be

challenging since some of them are also challenged in their ability to talk.

Past Volunteers Japan, Finland,

Participants are required to pay a participation fee of Euro 500 (five hundred Euros) on arrival
for a period of 1- 3months and 80 Euros (eighty Euros) in advance for each additional month/s.
The fee covers pick up from the airport or bus terminal upon arrival in Uganda, on-arrival
training (orientation), guesthouse maintenance, accommodation and other operational utilities
like water, cooking gas, power, kitchen utensils and a monthly contribution for those living in
host families, project evaluations and administration costs. Volunteers are advised to have a
comprehensive study of our volunteers’ guidebook to acquaint themselves with the dynamics
of volunteering with UPA and our projects before making decision.