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UPA/MLTV/010 UGANDA Guesthouse of UPA or at a host family. - 15/09/2020 31/12/2020

Background The school was established in 1997 and the second section kicked off in
April 2007. The school is registered with the Ministry education and sports.
The school is located in Kawempe in suburb if Kampala, where low income
families are living. The area is facing many challenges due to the raising
numbers of villagers moving to Kawempe hoping to find a job in Kampala.
As many are failing to get a job, women run into prostitution to sustain
themselves and their families. Many men are losing their spirit in drinking.
Though the area has many vulnerable children facing poverty, which is why
the school tries to take on as many children as possible, even if the people
can not pay their school fees. This is always a challenge for the school, but it
is a heart issue to try to give education also to those who can’t effort.
The school has a boarding section which is accommodating about 20 pupils.
The school is surrounded by a big green compound, which is located on the
hill with a nice view over Kampala surburbs.

Aim  To enable children of low income earners and other disadvantaged
children by only paying half of the school fees to access quality
 To provide educational services to all the children in the community
than moving distance areas to minimize expenditure and risks on the
 To produce good citizens by putting emphasis on moral development
thus to respect, without physical punishment, and to promote cultural
 To encourage children to develop self esteem, an open mind and
concern about their community.
 To promote and encourage the studies of sciences in order to foster

Uganda Pioneers’ Association

technological development.
Activities  Teaching children of the age 4-14
 Music, Dance and Drama
 Games and Sports
 Gardening
 After schools activities
 Community visits to map orphanages and vulnerable children
 Community sensitization on health

Volunteers Tasks  To engage in teaching. For example English, Mathematics, Sciences etc.,

depending on the interest of the volunteer
 To participate in Games and Sports with the children or/and to be part
of the Music, Dance and Drama class.
 Teaching life skills to the children (health education, social skills and
children’s’ rights)
 To help with current administrative work
Volunteers Qualities  Flexible and able to share and discuss Ideas

 Innovative
 Ability to adapt local ways of living and interact freely with the children
and the stuff members
 Open minded.

Working Hours 8.00 am – 4 pm, Monday – Friday.
Transport It’s about 7 km from the UPA Guesthouse and it takes about 15 minutes by
Boda Boda (Motorcycle taxi) it costs about 8000 Uganda shillings to and
from the project.

Accommodation At the Guesthouse of UPA or at a host family.
Comments from UPA The school is not very well equipped, but the teachers are running it with a
lot of spirit and strong hearted. There are many areas to engage in and
volunteers are very welcomed, even there is room for new initiative.
All volunteers choosing school project should always remember to consider
the school holidays. Schools are closed in April – May, August to September
and December to early February

Communication Most of the children at our school do understand English, but in cases the

local teachers are always available to help where needed.

Past Volunteers Netherlands, Japan, Germany

Participants are required to pay a participation fee of Euro 500 (five hundred Euros) on arrival
for a period of 1- 3months and 80 Euros (eighty Euros) in advance for each additional month/s.
The fee covers pick up from the airport or bus terminal upon arrival in Uganda, on-arrival
training (orientation), guesthouse maintenance, accommodation and other operational utilities
like water, cooking gas, power, kitchen utensils and a monthly contribution for those living in
host families, project evaluations and administration costs. Volunteers are advised to have a
comprehensive study of our volunteers’ guidebook to acquaint themselves with the dynamics
of volunteering with UPA and our projects before making decision.