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UPA/MLTV/07 UGANDA Nansana. - 15/09/2020 31/12/2020

(Caring for children from 1 year to 12 years)
Background Sweet Home was established with the main goal of nurturing the “whole
child” in areas of physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual
developments. This is being realized through various programs that include
the following:
 The education program
 The talents program
 Foster family program
 An exclusive Christian- based Curriculum

Aim To prepare children to excel as young leaders of tomorrow.
Activities  Early childhood teaching
 Phonic reading
 Day care services
 Sports activities (Physical Exercise is a subject taught on regular basis)
 Language developments skills
 Reading and writing skills
 Music, Dance and Drama
 Teaching based on the Ugandan Curriculum.
 Guidance and counseling to families
 Potty and toilet training

Uganda Pioneers’ Association


Volunteer task 2. Attend to Day Care Babies/Kindergarten kids

3. Teach children of the ages 3 years to12 years in all learning areas and
development skills following the curriculum of Uganda.We also teach
subjects like mathematics, science, social studies and English.Volunteers
might even do this sometimes without the direct help of a teacher.
4. Play games with children for example sports
5. Teach pupils art and craft
Volunteer qualities  Very open minded
 Creative
 Good knowledge of social work and administration
 Interested in Children
 Being an early childhood educator or experienced in teaching will be of
great advantage
 Independent
 The project also encourages male volunteer to apply

Working hours The volunteer will work from 08.00 am to 04.00 pm Monday to Friday.
Transport It costs 8000 Uganda Shillings per day to and from the project with Public
means and approximately 12,000 UGX with a hired motorcycle ( Bodaboda).
Accommodation Accommodation will be at the UPA guesthouse in Nansana. It is also possible

to stay in a host family.

Comments from UPA The project is hosting maximum 3 volunteers at a time. It is ideal to those
volunteers who would like to be in touch with small/big children and would
like to get an overview on the growing stages and steps of a Ugandan child.
All volunteers choosing school project should always remember to consider
the school holidays when the schools are closed in Mid-April – Mid-May,
Mid-August – Mid-September and December to Early February.

Communication Communication at school is mainly in English, though especially with kids, it
may be challenging since not all of them can easily express themselves in
English. Translation to the Volunteer from the local language is possible from
fellow workmates.

Past volunteers South Korean, Japanese, Finnish, Austrian, Dutch , Germans, Belgians ,Spanish

and Slovakian.

Participants are required to pay a participation fee of Euro 500 (five hundred Euros) on arrival
for a period of 1- 3months and 80 Euros (eighty Euros) in advance for each additional month/s.
The fee covers pick up from the airport or bus terminal upon arrival in Uganda, on-arrival
training (orientation), guesthouse maintenance, accommodation and other operational utilities
like water, cooking gas, power, kitchen utensils and a monthly contribution for those living in
host families, project evaluations and administration costs. Volunteers are advised to have a
comprehensive study of our volunteers’ guidebook to acquaint themselves with the dynamics
of volunteering with UPA and our projects before making decision.