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LSM–10 KIRGUISTÁN Karakol CHILDREN/DISA 01/07/2020 01/07/2021

LSM–10 Inclusive Kindergarten Kiyal Kechter, Karakol 18+

About Kindergarten Kiyal Kechter
Inclusive kindergarten is located in Issyk-Kul Oblast, in Ak-Suu village was established to create a
stable base for the support of the children with disabilities and their families in all areas of life. In
the organization are conducted classes before school program individually with each child, as well
as educational classes and clubs by interests (origami, sewing, painting, etc.). Children speak
Kyrgyz and Russian languages. They have good experience working with international volunteers.
Each year they host up to 3-4 international guests.
The Inclusive kindergarten Kiyal Kechter realizes activities in several directions:
 Providing rehabilitation services to children with disabilities;
 Access to education;
 Engaging and activating parental initiatives;
 Reducing stigma and the involvement of children with disabilities in the activities of the local
 Project Goals
 Organize children’s leisure time through conducting games, sport competitions, dance classes,
and English language lessons.
 Participate in daily kinder garden activities and spend leisure time with the children

Volunteer’s Role:
We need a volunteer in the direction of institutional development.
1. Knowledge of Russian or kyrgyz language.
2. Have the appropriate education or experience in this area.
3.Have the intention to serve and work as a volunteer at least 2 years
4. Age not younger than 18 years
5. Paul, Russ and religion does not matter.
The volunteer will live with a local family, which will provide the volunteer with their own room
and all the necessary conveniences. You will join your host-family for breakfast and dinner; lunch
will be provided at the office together with other members of Inclusive Kindergarten Kiyal
Note: A volunteer is requested to have basic skills working with disabled people, as well as basic
Russian or Kyrgyz language skills. New methods/approaches are always welcomed.

General Information
Program Requirements:
Language - Though the working language of international volunteers is English, at least basic
knowledge of Russian is recommended in order to communicate efficiently with local volunteers
and staff members of the organization. Beginner’s Russian/Kyrgyz language lessons are provided in

the participation fee. Knowledge of other world languages is welcome; this will enable you to hold
language courses with local volunteers and other youth in Karakol.
Other skills - In order to participate in the program you are expected to have past experience with
volunteer work, working as a part of a team, and depending on which project, working with
teenagers. For certain projects, it is recommended to bring literature and CDs with language
teaching programs.
We also expect you to be motivated and to actively participate in your own program’s
implementation and evaluation process.
Duration of the Program and Your Schedule:
In order to be admitted you must be able to participate for at least one month while the maximum
period of involvement is one year. Your work will range from 6 to 8 hours per day, depending on a
mutual agreement and the needs of the host organization. Normally volunteers work Monday
through Friday, though special events and activities sometimes require their presence during
Program Costs:
The costs of the program are as follows:
 Cost for 1 month: 250 EUR.
 Cost for 3 months: 700 EUR
 Cost for 6 months: 1400 EUR.
 Cost for one year: 2500 EUR.
The program fee covers administrative charges, accommodation and food (provided by a host-
family), pre-departure preparation assistance, beginner's Russian/Kyrgyz language classes and 24-
hour support and guidance from professional, locally based staff. If you need a guided transfer
from the Bishkek Airport to Karakol, an additional 50 EUR will be charged.
The program fee does not cover your roundtrip flight to Kyrgyzstan. Your visa, medical and
travel insurance, airport departure taxes, and travel expenses during your stay in Karakol (if not
directly connected to the volunteer work) are your responsibility. Costs of personal Internet time
and phone calls are also the responsibility of the volunteer.
Application process:
Please contact us so that we can send you an application form. After receiving your completed
application we will inform you within 10 days whether you have been accepted.