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NICE-20-0810A JAPÓN Hokkaido) Environmental Kids 10/08/2020 23/08/2020

Japan: Yoichi 1 (Hokkaido) NICE-20-0810A 

 10/08/2020 - 23/08/2020 

 Additional host fee JPY 6000



 4 volunteers 


Volunteers will mainly 1) Help the work of neighboring farms that is important for strengthening the links with the local community, 2) Assist and join the kids programs (play, work) in the eco village to have them experience rural life in the nature and 3) Maintain the fields and forests of HEPP such as cultivation, harvesting, weeding, thinning, chopping woods, etc. and possibly, also some construction

Accomodation and food

Building of HEPP. Meals will be cooked by volunteers by turns. Sleeping bag is necessary. HEPP triesto enjoy seasonal, organic and local foods, basically vegetables. You can also learn ecological and healthy life style through using solar energy, compost toilet, etc.

Location and leisure

Agricultural country side, 60 km Northeast of Sapporo. Located next to the city of Otaru, there is the famous Nikka Whiskey factory and beautiful landscape. Leisure: Exchange party, joining local events, etc. Study theme: 2030 goals of HEPP and eco-villages of each country

Project hosted by

This project is actively working for SDG 2 (Zero Hunger) and SDG 4 (Quality Education), organized together with with Hokkaido Eco-village Promotion Project (HEPP) since 2015. They start to promote ""sustainability of our lifestyle and community"", to create better environmental and social model for next generation in Hokkaido since 2012. They want to produce necessities that are needed for our daily life (foods, energy, etc.) by themselves as much as they can, and want to share them to the local area. They provide various chances to learn comprehensive skill and knowledge about ""sustainable development"" by organizing training programs and events for the local adults and kids. They also aim at connecting urban area and rural area, producers and consumers and to contribute local revitalization. President of HEPP visited many eco-villages in UK for a few years and speak good English. *Outcome of this workcamp: In 2019, 9 vols. from 2 countries greatly contributed to their work such as seeding the vegetables, taking care of wine grapes, harvesting, cultivating, etc. as well as various types of exchange with local people and children including the participation in the bon dance festival that was highly appreciated by the local people!

Additional comments

It is possible to join also 0825A Yoichi 2 (08/25-09/07) for 29 days though you need to spend 2 nights (Aug. 23-24) by yourself by sightseeing, etc. If you want to join both Yoichi 1 and Yoichi 2, please mention so on your application form.


Strong motivation to work manually hard and also for the activities with the children. Big passion to the ecological life style.

Sustainable Development Goals