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CJM 5 MARRUECOS - social 05/08/2020 19/08/2020

CJM 5 - Fès2
05/08 - 19/08/2020

Fès was the first capital of Morocco as well as the oldest city of the country built in 809. Again in
the 13th century during the reign of the Merinid dynasty, and in the 14th century, the city
became the spiritual and cultural centre of traditional Morocco.
Fès is also the capital of skilled-craft, specialized in pottery, copperplates, and leather work. It's
known by its monuments: Fès El Bali, la medina, El Attarin, l'horloge, Mosqué ElQuaraouiyine
Chantiers Jeunesse Maroc is organizing a workcamp with collaboration with the ministry of
youth in Fès.
Number of volunteers : 20 participants
Nature of the work : The work will be in Zayyat center for the protection of girls. “. The work
includes animation workshops for the benefit of the girls of the centre and renovation work.
The duration of work is 5 hours a day from Monday to Saturday.
Lodging : The volunteers will be lodged in’’ Institution Abdelaziz Ben Driss pour la protection
de l’enfance Fès”. We will send you more details about address of lodging.
Meals : Meals will be prepared by volunteers.
Leisure activities : Volunteers will have to setup their own programme of leisure
activities.There are some hints to help you setup this programme:
The volunteers will visit de Médina of Fès 1400 years old: Mérinides school, Dar El baroud,
Moulay Idriss,El Quaraouiyine Mosque, “Dar edbagh”
Volunteers could also attends the “son et lumières” entertainment and the surrounding
touristic.We also propose swimming pool.
Also have to bring with you working clothes, a sleeping bag, and anything which could
contribute to the good progress of the workcamp (game sets, musical instruments, cooking
recipe, etc...).
In case of emergency phone : call the office CJM in Fès : 0661442659 or 0661623857
CJM fee 50 Euros to be paid by volunteer on arrival.