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NICE-20-0815A JAPÓN Yame, Fukuoka ENVI,CULT 15/08/2020 30/08/2020

Hoshino (Fukuoka) | NICE-20-0815A | 2020-08-15 - 2020-08-30 | ENVI,CULT | Age: 18 - 99


This project is actively working for SDG 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities) and SDGs 15 (Life on Land), organized together with a local group formed for this project since 1999. Hoshino village has received the first prize at the national contests for visibility of beautiful stars in the sky and terraced paddy fields. In spite of the town’s natural heritage, depopulation, especially of youth, is a serious problem here similarly with many other parts of the country side in Japan. This project aims to activate village by helping forest conservation and organizing cultural exchange events with locals and international vols. Last year local host start international workcamp for 20 years. At that time, Local host s son was baby, but now, he also join this workcamp as one of coordinator. He want to continue this workcamp like his father. Workcamp sprits continue to next generation. *Outcome of this workcamp: Please see the long term goal of this project as ""Local SDGs"" at https://www.slideshare.net/nice-workcamp/e2-67954554 (only Japanese for the moment, but you can at least enjoy the pictures!). In 2019, 12 vols. from 5 countries did a good job!

Work: Volunteers will work in the forests for helping maintenance by cutting underbrush with instruction by the local Forestry Cooperative. Volunteers will also do some various work needed in the community such as cleaning activity, cutting glass in public institutions. Organizing cultural event with locals is also one of the important roles of volunteers.

Accomodation and food: Volunteers will stay in a shared room of community center. Meals will be cooked by volunteers by turns. Volunteers need to bring own sleeping bag (and mattress if they want). Volunteers need to enjoy staying in a simply basic accommodation.

Location: Yame, Fukuoka

Location and Leisure: Hoshino village is a small but beautiful place surrounded by mountains, about 50 km southeast of Fukuoka. It is famous for production of tea leaves named Hoshino-cha and beauty of starry sky. Leisure: Star watching, hot spring, cultural learning about Japanese tea, and so on. Volunteers can also enjoy cooking Japanese traditional food with local people. Study theme: Volunteers will get knowledge of conservation work in a forest.

Train/Bus station: The closest International airport is Fukuoka. From Fukuoka to the meeting point, it takes about 2 hours by express train. You need to arrive at Fukuoka airport by 10:00AM on the first day and can leave there after 17:00 on the last day.

Requirements: Interest in preservation of forest is required. Volunteers need to enjoy simple lifestyle!

Language: eng

Extra Fee: 6000 JPY