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NICE-20-0823B JAPÓN Nishiwaga, Iwate AGRI,ENVI,ELDE 23/08/2020 01/09/2020

Nishiwaga (Iwate) | NICE-20-0823B | 2020-08-23 - 2020-09-01 | AGRI,ENVI,ELDE | Age: 18 - 99

This project is actively working for SDG 15 (Life on Land), organized together with Ono Agriculture Union in Nishiwaga (OAUN), since 2014. Nishiwaga is a rural town surrounded by beautiful nature such as forests and lake. On the other side, it faces serious aging society and depopulation, and over 45% of villagers are 65 years or older. More and more farmers have retired, and many farmers suffer from a shortage of successors. OAUN has tried to revive deserted cultivated lands, organized some projects for interaction between urban and rural areas to activate the community. In 2017, the project for biotope development newly started to promote sustainable organic farming. From few years ago, OAUN started to accept some company group through NICE. The company choose this project site, because of hospitality of OAUN. They have really warm heart and welcome to volunteers. *Outcome of this workcamp: Please see the long term goal of this project as ""Local SDGs"" at https://www.slideshare.net/nice-workcamp/2019-ep4 (only Japanese for the moment, but you can at least enjoy pictures!). In 2019, 7 vols. from 4 countries did a good job!

Work: Volunteers will mainly work on 1) making a biotope and 2) helping elderly local farmers by cutting grass or harvesting. Volunteers may also 3) work in a facility for people with disabilities. The schedule of work can be changed due to weather condition, so please be flexible! Volunteers will ride a bicycle between accommodation and working place.

Accomodation and food: Volunteers will stay in shared room in an old house (newly-renovated). Meals will be cooked by volunteers by turns. Sleeping bag is NOT necessary.

Location: Nishiwaga, Iwate

Location and Leisure: Nishiwaga town, center of Tohoku area (north part of Japan), and located in border between Iwate and Akita prefecture. It surrounded by beautiful mountains, and famous for hot spring (there is one even in a train station)! Leisure: Hot spring is available. Volunteers can also join for cultural exchange parties with locals as well as activity with nursery school kids. Study theme: Volunteers will get knowledge of history and culture of Nishiwaga and have time for sharing ideas how to activate the depopulated area.

Train/Bus station: The nearest international airport is Tokyo (Narita/Haneda). To the meeting point (Hot Yuda sta.) in Iwate, it takes 5 hours by bullet train or 9 hours by night bus. You must arrive at Narita/Haneda by 19:00PM on 22nd Aug. and can leave the airport after 09:00 A.M. on 2nd Sep.

Requirements: Interest in community development, cultural exchange with a local community, and agriculture

Language: eng

Extra Fee: 6000 JPY