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NICE-20-1004A JAPÓN Miyoshi city, Tokushima AGRI 04/10/2020 10/10/2020

Miyoshi (Tokushima) | NICE-20-1004A | 2020-10-04 - 2020-10-10 | AGRI | Age: 18 - 99

This project is actively working for SDG 2 (Zero Hunger), organized together with the local NPOs since 2019. In Miyoshi City, Iya area, many local region’s original cereals have been made using steep slope land since long time ago. However, due to the declining birthrate and the aging of the population, 3 years ago, it was almost impossible for the region to keep growing original cereals. Therefore, local volunteers gathered to inherit cultivation technology from seniors. Union members are 12 people from in their 50s to 80s. Mainly, they work for cultivating of original cereals in the fields of their homes and communal fields. However, cultivation and harvesting of original cereals are on fields of steep slopes, where are difficult to mechanize and it is a time-consuming task for them. In order to protect the conservation of native species and the livelihood of Iya, the power of everyone is necessary. *Outcome of this workcamp: In 2019, 5 vols. from 4 countries did a good job! Local people gradually realize how important not only protecting the native species by themselves but also telling their action to people who are from another area to protect it to the next generation.

Work: ・Support the harvesting of local regions original cereals and threshing work. ・Maintenance of vegetables and mowing of villages area.

Accomodation and food: Home staying at local community house. All meals will be cooked by volunteers by turns. Sleeping bag is necessary.

Location: Miyoshi city, Tokushima

Location and Leisure: Higashiiya, Miyoshi city, Tokushima pref. Leisure: Welcome party by locals. Study theme: Finding ways for sustainability of a depopulated village, learning about special local area where it is registered as Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems.

Train/Bus station: The nearest int l airport is Kansai (Osaka). From Osaka to the meeting point in Tokushima, it takes 3 hours by highway bus. Volunteers are recommended to arrive there one day before workcamp starts since the bus leaves early. Volunteers need to take local train from the meeting point to the campsite about 2 hours. Volunteers need to arrive at the meeting point by 13:00 on 4th and can leave there after 13:00 on 10th.

Requirements: Positive attitude, a willingness to work hard and communicate with local people!

Language: eng

Extra Fee: 6000 JPY

Video about campsite https://youtu.be/eZmWIPXZM0g