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NICE-20-0820A JAPÓN Nagaoka, Niigata AGRI 20/08/2020 26/08/2020

Yamakoshi (Niigata) | NICE-20-0820A | 2020-08-20 - 2020-08-26 | AGRI | Age: 18 - 99

This project is actively working for SDG 2 (Zero Hunger), organized together just first time with ""Yamakoshi Jumin Kaigi"", founded by local people. Yamakoshi village have 1000 years of history. Here is famous for ""Nishiki-Koi"", Colored Carp, and traditional bull fighting. Also, there are beautiful rice field which like as stairs on the slopes of mountains. Ancient discovered this place and created through the enormous efforts of the predecessors. On 2004, Great Chuetsu Earthquake attacked this area. All people should evacuated from Yamakoshi village and could return three years and half later. They hope to revival their village, but depopulation and aging problem is also serious here. *Outcome of this workcamp: They expect to create nice impact to protect their original culture for the next generation with international volunteer!

Work: Mainly work is Agriculture. Kagura Nanban is a native variety in the Yamakoshi area and very unique spices .For protect that original seed, we maintain the field, digging, weeding and picking. And Study part like as joining the cooking class. We may possibly also support to communicate with kids/local people and do some other work for the community.

Accomodation and food: The log house in the village. There are small kitchen, toilet and shower room. Please bring sleeping bag! Volunteers prepare the meals by themselves. Wi-Fi is not available.

Location: Nagaoka, Niigata

Location and Leisure: Campsite is very small village located in middle part of Niigata prefecture. There are rice fields, fish pond and beautiful nature. (https://goo.gl/maps/jwtahYqBQHMJZwdo6) Leisure: Exchange parties with local people, trekking etc. Study theme: Volunteers have time for discussion about “Disaster prevention, regional revitalization and traditional vegetables”.

Train/Bus station: The nearest airport is Niigata, but only domestic line. The closest International airport is Tokyo (Haneda/Narita). It takes 3 hours by express train. 5 hours by night bus (you need to arrive by 19th Aug. afternoon/ can leave campsite after 26th noon.)

Requirements: - 6,000 JPY (about 50 EUR) of "NICE Volunteers" fee needs to be paid in advance either by Paypal or through your sending NGO if they collect it in addition to their own inscription fee. This is used for the project preparation/ coordination such as the transportation of the camp leaders while the meals and the accommodation are provided by the local host by free. - High motivation to work hard and seriously and enjoy simple countryside life. Need idea for local revitalization. Speaking Japanese language is welcomed!

Language: eng

Extra Fee: 6000 JPY

http://yamakoshi.org/, https://yamakoshi.place/en/