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NICE-LI-SM21-01 JAPÓN Tokushima, Tokushima EDU,KIDS 30/01/2021 18/04/2021

Shinmachi21-01 (Tokushima) | NICE-LI-SM21-01 | 2021-01-30 - 2021-04-18 | EDU,KIDS | Age: 18 - 99


This project is actively working for SDG4 (Quality Education). This project has been organized with NPO, Bizan Daigaku (B.D) since 2019. They organize workcamp with NICE from 2013. They have many types of projects, one of project started that visiting local primary school or kindergarten from this year in Tokushima city. There is a kind of problem that the children who live in countryside face to have few opportunities to communicate with foreign people compared with city because of the lack of number of foreigners. They want to change the situation and activate both of children and the situation of education for cultural exchange through having such local activities with volunteers.

Work: Visiting the local primary school and kindergarten and communicating with local students. Volunteer will prepare for some activities and lesson for children. For example, helping their homework, discuss about some game which is related with cultural exchange for them. Joining in some kind of local events which BD organizes.

Accomodation and food: Single room in local apartment house. Shower room in each room. Sometimes volunteers need to share 1 room. Volunteers need to prepare for breakfast by themselves. Lunch and dinner are usually cooked by themselves, sometimes provided from the local. There is wi-fi.

Location: Tokushima, Tokushima

Location and Leisure: *Location: Tokushima City, capital of Tokushima Prefecture, has a population of about 260,000. The city is in northern Tokushima Prefecture where the Yoshino River and its tributaries create a delta. *Other activities: Awa Odori Festival on August, Exchange parties, experiencing Japanese culture, etc. Join the local events etc. Sightseeing, short trip (hot springs, famous places here).

Train/Bus station: From Osaka to the meeting point, 5 hours by train or 3 hours by bus. *Volunteers are required to arrive in Japan no later than one day before the orientation and can leave Japan after 22:00 on the last day. Using Kansai International Airport (KIX) is convenient for the access to the orientation and project site.

Requirements: *Language: English and Japanese. A few locals can speak English. When volunteers communicate with children, mainly language is Japanese. *Other requirements: High motivation to learn and speak Japanese language. Respect for the local cultures and way of the local organization. It s also better if volunteer have experience of taking care of children.

Language: eng,jap

Extra Fee: 12000 JPY

*Participation fee: 12,000 yen per month (6,000 yen from the 4th month). *Term: If you want to participate in dates other than the above (either shorter or longer), please choose your start/end date among the following seminar dates. [ 25-26 Jan. / 17-19 Apr. / 03-05 Jul. / 01-02 Oct. / 18 Dec. ]