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NICE-20-VS0918A JAPÓN Ozuchi, Ishikawa KIDS,AGRI 19/09/2020 22/09/2020

Ozuchi VS8 (Ishikawa) | NICE-20-VS0918A | 2020-09-19 - 2020-09-22 | KIDS,AGRI | Age: 6 - 99

This project is actively working for SDG 2 (Zero Hunger) and SDGs 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities), organized together with Shizentaiken Ozuchi Mura since 2013, founded by local people to keep the original landscape. There were 140 inhabitants with 20 houses in 1916, but now only 2 people live there! Still 10 houses remained and the area was designated as Nation s Preservation District for Groups of Historic Buildings. We will try to improve the situation of the village by young voluntary power. Since 2016, Ozuchi village and NICE have started weekend workcamps and over 400 vols. joined here per year and love this village! Local host hope to pass this village down the next generations! *Outcome of this workcamp: This village had become abandoned, but one of the former villagers was manitaining the terraced rice fields alone from his home in the town. But through the workcamps working together with him, he has gotten so empowered that he started living there again with his old mother since 2018! Please see the presentation made by the volunteer for the IVS contest in Japan; https://www.slideshare.net/nice-workcamp/2017e2 (only Japanese for the moment, but you can at least enjoy the pictures!)

Work: Main work is organizing and preparing for "English kids camp". For example, playing international games, cooking international meals and speaking with children. From 6 to 12 years old children enjoy international program in this village. Volunteer prepare though online for this program before coming here. International children also join this Kids program and communicate with local children. We possibly also support agriculture and do some other work for the community.

Accomodation and food: Renovated house (traditional house!). Simple shower room. Clean toilet. Winter Sleeping bag is needed! Food will be cooked by volunteers. wi-fi and internet are nothing. There is a cat.

Location: Ozuchi, Ishikawa

Location and Leisure: The southwest part of Ishikawa prefecture. Ozuchi village is surrounded by mountains, so very isolated, but beautiful place. Charcoal making was main industry. Leisure: Exchange parties with local people, enjoy Japanese hot spring etc. Study theme: Best practice to revive depopulated areas in each country and their networking. Bring some info!

Train/Bus station: Nearest Domestic terminal is "Komatsu". International airport is Osaka (Kansai) or Tokyo (Haneda/ Narita). From Osaka, 4 hours by express train. From Tokyo, 5 hours by express train/ 8 hours by highway bus (For taking night bus, you need to arrive by 17th afternoon/ can leave campsite after 22th noon.)

Requirements: - 6,000 JPY (about 50 EUR) for adult and 8,000 JPY (about 65 EUR) for child. This is used for the project preparation/ coordination such as the transportation of the camp leaders and the meals and the accommodation are provided by the local host by free while 5,000 JPY of the child s fee is used to support a part of the meals cost. - Only families (Children should be 6-12 years old) can join this program. Basically up to 4 persons (2 adults) per family. High motivation to work and cooperate. Respect to the local culture. Children also needed to communicate with local kids and support program.

Language: eng

Extra Fee: 8000 JPY

International workcamp member also join from 9th to 22nd Sep. (7 volunteers) Everyone support each other and spend same time here.