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GSM11 TURQUÍA Gürsu - Bursa Environmental - Renovation 21/08/2020 04/09/2020

Lake & Forest - 2

Gürsu - Bursa
21 August - 04 September 2020
Environmental - Renovation
14 Vols. + 2 Leaders | 18-31 Age


This workcamp will be organized for the second time this year within the scope of “Adrenalin Park” in
cooperation with Gürsu Municipality, Gürsu Bursasporlular Association and GSM. For more
information about Gürsu Municipality, please visit http://www.en.gursu.bel.tr/.

Volunteers will work in Adrenalin Park, 20 km away from Gürsu center, during the program.
Adrenalin Park was established on the edge of Ericek Pond. Volunteers will clean the lake and its
surrounding forest area by foot, pedalo and canoes. They will work in repair, painting, renovation
and landscaping works of Adrenalin Park, and they will also perform landscaping works to create
living areas in the forest area. Adrenalin Park is also a public service social facility. They will also help
with the technical organization of events such as zipline, canoe, ATV, the cafeteria at this facility. On
the other hand, volunteers will work in the cleaning, painting and afforestation of a primary school
and gymnasium.
Accommodation & Food
Volunteers will stay in cute bungalow houses located by the lake in Adrenalin Park on weekdays and
in tents on weekends. The meals will be prepared by the cooks of Gürsu Municipality and will be sent
to the working area every day.
Location & Leisure
Established as the first capital of the Ottoman Empire and shaped by the complexes, Bursa's
important commercial role has been demonstrated through large inns, covered bazaars and bazaars
throughout the history. Gursu, where the density of people have migrated from the Balkans to
Turkey, is a town 20 km from Bursa and founded on a flat plain. 42.8% of the district's 11,300 hectares
of land is used in agricultural services and 46.6% is forest land. Gursu is one of Turkey's most
important agricultural region. It is especially famous for its special pear type and peach.
Environmental trips will be organized for the volunteers on weekends, and the remaining hours will
have the opportunity to do activities such as cycling, canoeing, climbing, mountain hiking, shooting
and zipline in Adrenalin Park. In addition, they will be able to collect pears and peaches by visiting
the villages, learn how to make pear and peach jam, and prepare tarhana and noodles with the
peasant women. Internet connection is not yet available in Adrenalin Park and sometimes telephone
networks do not work. However, volunteers will sometimes have the opportunity to go to the district
center, which has a telephone network and wifi.
Lang: 1) Eng - 2) Eng
Nearest Airport: Bursa Yenisehir Airport - İstanbul
Airport or Sabiha Gokcen Airport