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JR20/305 FRANCIA DURBAN SUR ARIZE RENO,ENVI, 17/08/2020 29/08/2020

MILLE PATTES 2 | JR20/305 | 2020-08-17 - 2020-08-29 | RENO,ENVI, | Age: 18 - 30


The association Mille Pattes , located in the village of Durban-sur-Arize wants to organize for the 5th time an international workcamp of young volunteers around the castle of St. Barthelemy. At the 11th century, a first castle was built on a roman opidium, with smaller size, towards 1569, during religion wars, protestants attacked and burnt down the churches of Durban. Until the 13th century, it is occupied by cathar family. In 1657 the castle in uninhabited and from then, became ruins. Founded in 1987, the association Mille Pattes has set a goal to create a place for meetings and cultural exchanges in Ariege. It was in 1990 that the association acquires the ideal place to facilitate these exchanges. It is a hill of 18 hectares located above the gorge of Arize. There remains of a medieval castle and a chapel. Today, the association wants to go further in the conservation of these buildings, continue to protect the site, secure access to the castle and perfect conditions for permanent home visitors and volunteers. To this end, the association plans to host a group of young volunteers to assist in this work.

Work: Supervised by a volunteer of the association Mille Pattes , young volunteers participate in various maintenance and development on the site of Chateau Saint-Barthelemy located in Durban-sur-Arize. This includes the restoration of walls (masonry works) and cleaning vegetation. Your supervisor will transmit his knowledge of the castle and the traditionnal technics of restoration.

Accomodation and food: You will stay in tents in the grounds of the castle. Important: housing conditions are simple (dry toilets and solar showers), this camp is meant for volunteers who love peace and nature. Access to the castle is only by foot (15 minute steep path from the village, watch out for your travel bags - prefer a backpack). We cannot accommodate you if you arrive before the starting date of the workcamp.


Location and Leisure: View of the castle by drone : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CkJD8VyMQIo Located halfway between Foix and St Girons, the village of Durban-sur-Arize, crossed by Arize is a charming village in the Ariege part of the Regional Natural Park of the Pyrenees. With the castle overlooking, the village has a remarkable built heritage with most of the stone buildings. This castle belonging to the association Mile Pattes is an ancient and medieval fortress dated 11th century. Located in the heart of Seronnais, the site offers many hiking. The members of Mille Pattes will offer you an introduction to archeology and rock climbing.

Train/Bus station: SAINT-GIRONS

Requirements: 1/ Access to the castle is only by foot (15 minute) steep path from the village, watch out for your travel bags - prefer a backpack requirements 1/No special knowledge or competence is required for this camp, except being motivated, curious and loving work in group 2/Our association does not provide a car during the workcamp. 3/ European volunteers should bring their European health care card, and everybody must, in any case, BRING THEIR INSURANCE CERTIFICATE. If health issues on the camp, the volunteers will have to pay for it, and then get reimbursed once back in the home country. 4/ Things to bring as your are going to live in very simple conditions :a flashlight, a sleeping bag, warm clothes (a sweater and rain-coat), a bathing suit. For male volunteers : short pants are generally prohibited in the public swimming pools in France, please bring a bathing suit. For work : worn out clothes and strong shoes. If you have work gloves you can bring them too. Also take walking shoes. 5/ Your games, musics, musical instruments and recipes, will be also welcome To make exchanges and encounters easier, please also bring photographs of your home, some postcards, maps or else, to be able to talk about your country. 6/ If you have your driving licence, please, take it with you (may be useful in some areas).

Language: eng,fra

Extra Fee: .00 EUR