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GSM07 TURQUÍA Cide - Kastamonu Animal Protection - Renovation - Cons 07/08/2020 21/08/2020

Our Best Friends

Cide - Kastamonu
07 August - 21 August 2020
Animal Protection - Renovation - Cons
14 Vols. + 2 Leaders | 18-31 Ages

This camp will be organized for the first time this year in cooperation with Cide Municipality. This
location has an important aspect for GSM. GSM - Youth Services Center made its first international
volunteer work program in 1989, again in cooperation with Cide Municipality. For more information
about Cide Municipality, please visit http://www.cide.bel.tr.

Volunteers will work for street animals in and around the Cide district center during the program.
Volunteers will work in the construction, repair, painting and landscaping of animal shelters and huts
for the Cide beachfront, neighboring neighborhoods and stray animals in the center, and will assist
the street animal care support unit. In addition, they will assist the Municipality Children's
Entertainment Center, Age Collection Center and Tourism Information Office.
Accommodation & Food
Volunteers will be accommodated in tents on the beach. Tents will be provided to volunteers by the
Municipality. Volunteers are required to bring their own mats and sleeping bags with them. The meals
will be made by the cooks of Cide Municipality and will be provided with three meals a day.
Location & Leisure
Cide, Turkey's most beautiful bays of, is one of the northern districts with mountain and forest. Küre
Mountains, which is a world heritage and under protection, is located in Cide. Known by Yellow
Writing, a local women's accessory (a headscarf worn by women and Anatolian culture), this district
is home to numerous natural and historical heritages worth seeing. Cide, which is a cute and small
district, also stands out with its local dishes and handicrafts. You will collect unforgettable memories,
make lasting friendships and spend a unique two weeks in Cide, one of the most charming districts of
the northern region. Volunteers will enjoy the sea, the forest and the fresh air in this charming
Lang: 1) Eng - 2) Eng
Nearest Airport: Kastamonu Airport -
İstanbul Airport or Sabiha Gokcen Airport