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WF MTV – 08 C ISLANDIA Brú in the Northeast of Iceland ADMIN, TEC 27/08/2020 19/11/2020

Duration: 12 weeks
Location: Brú in the Northeast of Iceland. Worldwide Friends Iceland is opening a center of environmental and sustainability near to the crossroads to the West, South and North of Iceland. The center of the municipality “Vestra” is in the area of Hrutafjordur which is a 36 km long fjord in Hunathing. In the neighborhood you can find a lot of pure and unspoiled nature, beaches full of drifted wood, Snæfellsnes peninsula, glaciers in the highlands, waterfalls, strong rivers, canyons and craters. The purpose of the center is to protect the nature in the area and to raise the awareness of sustainability among the locals and the visitors which are coming to the area.
The house is more than 1.000 m² and has 16 double rooms, two kitchens, several bathrooms and common areas, rooms for workshops and galleries. It has its own generator to produce electricity for heating and daily use. The condition of the generator is poor now and need to be fixed but we can also connect to the lines of the National power company in the meanwhile.
Short description of the project: The volunteer will work in Brú (Northwest of Iceland) and visit other places in Iceland managing the activities related to our Clean Up the World campaign 2020.
The main aim of the project is focused on cleaning the coastline of Iceland. Veraldarvinir organizes around 130 different work camps all over Iceland. There will be a team of long-term volunteers and staff members responsible for coordinating and running clean-up actions on beaches with the support of the local communities who host the camps. The volunteer from the "Clean up the World" project are closely working together with the long-term volunteers we are hosting to lead the work camps.
The volunteer will act in the camps as an additional leader, who promotes the idea of the "Clean Up the World" philosophy. (Take a look at www.cleanuptheworld.org )
The coordinator will also organize an exhibition within this Clean up Event at the 3rd weekend of September showing pictures about volunteering in Iceland.
The coordinator will work under the supervision of the Director of the organization, who will give assistance to her/him.
• The Clean Up the coastline coordinator will organize the tasks of the volunteers and support them.
• There will be three main events organized by Veraldarvinir in March/April, July and September: the coordinator will take care of organizing those events along with involved cooperating contacts. An
essential task of the coordinator will in fact be to get in touch with these local partners as the media, governmental institutions, NGO's, international and national environmental organizations and local communities. In the development of this task it will be necessary for the coordinator to show independence and self-motivated working flow, even though the support of the organization will always be at his or her hand as a starting base from which to work for the frame of the Clean up The World themes.
• The coordinator will also join some of our workcamps as a leader where he will manage a group of international volunteers for the period of two weeks.
• Veraldarvinir wants to involve children in secondary school in activities focused on environmental conservation and awareness. To do this, Veraldarvinir aims to involve children from all around the country in the Clean up the world weekends. The weekend will consist of a cleaning up day activity on a Friday, and then a weekend long conference on the cleaning up activity with the participation of interested people and learned specialists in the current field.
• Updating the website of the organization www.wf.is
• Coordinating and preparing the Clean Up section of the WF Newsletter.
• Updating our database on brochures/reports/trainings/seminars/others.
• Participating in fundraising activities related to the Clean Up activities.
• Preparing and distributing documents concerning the Clean Up activities.
• Be the contact person with Clean Up the World International.
• Working in the office, with computer and usual modern facilities.
• Visiting ongoing projects.
• Any other administrative tasks on the request of the general director.
• Additionally, for the time left, we try to add an extra dimension to the administrative work in finding new tasks, which are giving the intern a learning experience in a new area of work: e.g. helping to organize seminars, writing a grant application, etc. The exact tasks which can be agreed on depend on the interests and experience of the intern and on the actual needs and projects planned by the WF Iceland for that period.
Accommodation and Food: During the workcamps the leaders will share a dormitory with several other volunteers in a house offering basic facilities. Beds are provided, however volunteers should bring their own warm sleeping bags. Food is provided, however everyone is expected to do their fair share of the cooking and cleaning. Since it is always nice to try new and different dishes, volunteers are encouraged to bring along their favorite recipes from home! There is internet connection available in all houses.
Activities: Our primary activity is organizing environmental-related projects where people come from different countries performing voluntary work. In organizing them, much emphasis has been put on making sure the volunteers see that their work is important, they help a community in need, or they work for the protection of the environment. In the meantime, they themselves form a community and get in close contact with locals as well as with other participants of the project from different cultures and nationalities. They find out about each other's habits and ways of life, also getting an insight of the area’s problems and its inhabitants.
Profile of the organization: Veraldarvinir, Worldwide Friends (WF), was founded in 2001 as a non-profit organization promoting nature and peace-oriented activities for volunteers wanting to spend some time in Iceland. We also send local volunteers intending to have similar experiences abroad. WF aims at promoting active participation of people and their mobility, intercultural learning and voluntary service, through non-formal educational activities. The main activities offered are workcamps, seminars, local
events and exchange programs suitable both for young people and adults. WF is a non-profit organization with international scope.
Salary per month: No salaries or pocket money are paid.
Further support from the organization:
Provides accommodation: Yes, an own sleeping bag is needed.
Food is provided: Yes
Local travels: You will have the opportunity to travel all around Iceland free of charge with the scheduled minibus trips and excursions organized by WF Iceland.
Int. travels: Not paid
Insurance: not provided. You must get a health and accident insurance for your stay in Iceland.
Desired Profile: 22 years old +. Course of studies: Only volunteers with experience or education related to the topic of the camp are considered as candidates for this project. It is important that the volunteer has driving license.
Linguistic skills: Spoken and written English skills are needed. Other languages are an advantage.
Skills and competencies: Our long-term volunteers must be positive and highly motivated to participate in group activities. Ability to organize on her/his own initiative. Time-management skills and ability to work under time pressure during high peaks of the season.