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VFP-STV01 ESTADOS UNIDOS Montpelier, VT RENO,ENVI,MANU 10/08/2020 25/08/2020

Bicycle Trail Building | VFP-STV01 | 2020-08-10 - 2020-08-25 | RENO,ENVI,MANU | Age: 18 - 99


Host Organization: Cross Vermont Trail Association Address: 29 Main Street, Suite 4; Montpelier, VT 05602. Location: The work camp is located in public forest, in northeastern Vermont (east of Montpelier). About: Our mission is to assist municipalities, recreation groups, and landowners in the creation and management of a four-season, multi-use trail across the state of Vermont for public recreation, alternative transportation, and awareness of our natural and cultural heritage. Website: http://crossvermont.org/get_involved/volvacation-advert.php

Work: The work is hard, heavy physical labor, including, building wooden bridges, moving large stones with hand tools, and digging ditches with shovels. You will get muddy, we work in the rain! We will work full days, about 7 hours of labor. We will work a few days then take a day off for fun, and then work a few days and take another day off. Why are we working so hard? We are building a network of bicycle/pedestrian paths that will eventually go 90 miles across the entire state of Vermont. The path will connect small towns, their schools, and the wild natural areas in between with a safe, healthy alternative to driving in cars. These small towns are not wealthy, and cannot afford to build this path themselves (like larger cities can afford to.) So we are building it with volunteers. Many local people are already helping out on their weekends, and we look forward to meeting and working with you as well!

Accomodation and food: Volunteers will camp in tents. Tents are provided. During the work week there is no electricity, no running water, no flushing toilets. We will get a chance to take showers just three times during the camp. No alcohol is allowed at the housing. 11 PM curfew. Food is provided, cooking is communal. We are happy to accommodate dietary needs or preferences, like vegetarian.

Location: Montpelier, VT

Location and Leisure: During recreation time we will decide as a group what folks would enjoy doing. Options include exploring State Forest - riding bikes, hiking up mountains, swimming in lakes; and also driving to attractions in nearby towns like Montpelier, capitol of Vermont. Bring music, games or other activities to share.

Train/Bus station: From New York: You can take the Amtrak train, the Greyhound Bus or the Megabus to Montpelier. You can also fly to Burlington and be met at the airport. From Boston: You can take the Greyhound Bus or Megabus to Montpelier. The Megabus is the cheaper option. Montpelier is the first stop and then the bus continues on to Burlington. You can also fly to Burlington from Boston. Please see helpful websites below for links to buses and trains


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