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VSA2012-1 TAILANDIA Klonghoikhong, Songkhla Thailand EDU,AGRI,RENO 01/12/2020 14/12/2020

PEACE VILLAGE CAMP | VSA2012-1 | 2020-12-01 - 2020-12-14 | EDU,AGRI,RENO | Age: 18 - 70

Peace Village Songkhla has been creating in 2011 at Peace Village, everyone can come to learn in the main aim is learning by doing and international community Living. We can study about each country, nationalities, cultures, etc. in the class but in the real situation is not in the lesson where you can see how the difference of people even they are from the same city. Peace Village is active at the rural area of Songkhla province, Southern of Thailand in the small village; the name “Ban Ton San” (Ban in Thai mean village). The main occupation is rubber plantation and most of the villagers are Buddhist. Keywords to live at Peace Village; Living green, International community living, Learning by doing and Cultural diversity

Work: Creative teaching English – Creative teaching is important to recognize; teaching certificate does not need for specific quality of the volunteer, but creative is the one of yours. The aims of creative teaching are given the chance for people in the village or the place nearby can communicate with different language, touch difference culture, and believing. Center renovation – As we have the center, VSA Learning Home, now we also need a volunteer to set up the center as when they have spare time from main work. We are going to clean repair and renovate the center. Relationship with the villagers – The rest of time form your main work, important thing is to learn and share with the villager by visiting, talking and do activities with them. You will get rich experience by learning and sharing from each other. Kitchen garden – The volunteer will work in the small farm as a kitchen garden. They can renovate and plant some vegetables for making the food in the future.

Accomodation and food: Participants will stay at Learning Home (Homestay) in Thai style dormitory. Share one big room together, separate male and female. Basic and simple. Mattress, pillow, blanket and fan are provided. Washing clothes by hand. Internet can be used at the school. No internet at Leaarnign HOME The volunteer will take turn cooking Thai ingredients with Thai coordinator.

Location: Klonghoikhong, Songkhla Thailand

Location and Leisure: TERMINAL Hatyai Airport, Hatyai train station, Hatyai Bus station LEISURE ACTIVITY Pho Temple, Khok Ko Temple, Klongla Reservior

Train/Bus station: Hatyai Bus/Train Station

Requirements: Love to be with kids, patient and be creative teacher.

Language: eng

Extra Fee: 9500 THB