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EST 42 ESTONIA VOSU KIDS, 19/08/2020 27/08/2020

VIHASOO | EST 42 | 2020-08-19 - 2020-08-27 | KIDS, | Age: 18 - 44


The group of youth workers from Tallinn s youth centre Youth Club Active runs children s camp in Vihasoo for 25 years. The aim of Vihasoo camp is to give children possibility of active and meaningful summer vacations. The base of Vihasoo lies 70km from Tallinn. The camp is located on the territory of Lahemaa National Park. The wonderful nature, proximity to the sea (about 100m), good facilities i all this makes Vihasoo ideal place for leisure. Such location brings children closer to unspoiled nature and gives them an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with Estonian national heritage richly presented in the area. Each summer period of the camp has its own theme. The topic for this shift is )Young and Boldi, and the purpose of this period is to discover different countries and cultures through artistic expression which could be dancing or singing, national style party, music or art of any kind i anything volunteer is good at. The idea is to have intercultural diversity to be presented to kids. We want to give children opportunity to discover differences in cultures, that they can learn it and reflect after. To achieve this aim Vihasoo camp invites international volunteers to join it as animators. Most of children are Russian-speaking from minority community of Estonia. The area of the camp is 1,8 ha and it can host about 80 children on one shift. The age is 12-16. More information on www.vihasoo.ee

Work: Each day of the camp will have a program completed by local coordinators and volunteers will be helping to realize it. The main activities will be intercultural learning through finding differences and similarities between Estonia and countries, where volunteers come from (history, traditions, language, singing, dancing, etc). It will be done through art, games, drama, sport, discussions. We expect active volunteers with the good knowledge of history and culture of their country and ability to present it. Volunteers would lead workshops connected with their cultural expression during 5 days of the camp, which may culminate with small performance on the last day of the project. The duration of each workshop is 2 hours. You do not have to be professional, the most important that it is enjoyable and fun Besides, each volunteer has to run one cultural night to present own country and culture to others. After placement volunteers will be contacted by organizers to get involved and guided in the preparation of the program before arrival to Estonia. Volunteer will work in partnership with professional local educators and youth workers - 25 staff members.

Accomodation and food: In the separate house with other staff members in 4-6-bedded rooms. Volunteers will eat together with children and staff in the canteen. Showers, dry toilets and Wi-Fi are available.

Location: VOSU

Location and Leisure: LocationVihasoo is tiny village in the picturesque Lahemaa National Park 70km from Tallinn. Surrounded by forest, near to the sea, it is the ideal place for summer vacations. The nearest town (7km) is Vosu, spa town with about 1000 inhabitants.TerminalAirport, harbour, bus station in Tallinn, specially arranged car to Vihasoo. We will organise transfer for the volunteers on 19.08 - one day before children arrive to the camp that is to get to know each other and prepare things.Leisure timeHiking, swimming, sunbathing, sports, games, excursions to the places of interest in the Lahemaa National Park.

Train/Bus station: Tallinn

Requirements: Special requirementsYou have to love kids and be well motivated to work with them. The work demands 24-hours commitment and it can be pretty hard sometimes. Weekend is not free Experience in work with children is an advantage. We expect active volunteers with good knowledge of history and culture of their country and ability to present it. Moreover, volunteer should be strong enough in some art to be able to lead a workshop for kids. All exciting ideas of activities for kids, games etc are welcome. English and Russian are the camp languages.Participation feeWe ask participants to contribute 30 Euro each towards the costs of general administration. This fee has to be paid by bank transfer before the beginning of the camp. If you cannot make bank transfer please contact your organization.

Language: eng,rus

Extra Fee: 30.00 EUR