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EST 36 ESTONIA TALLINN KIDS, 07/08/2020 21/08/2020

DOWN TOWN KIDS CITY II | EST 36 | 2020-08-07 - 2020-08-21 | KIDS, | Age: 20 - 32

ProjectThis project is organized for local children by the language school In Down Town and non-profit educational association Alternative Language Programs Satellite within its annual activities on multicultural issues for kids. The project s aim is to introduce the diversity of world cultures to children and provide them with good practices in intercultural communication using the learning-by-doing method and organizing alternative English language practice. The project gets the kids of 10 to 13 years old familiar with customs and traditions of the countries from all over the world and encourages them to develop their cross-cultural thinking and tolerance. This year camps topic is Gardens of Babylon . The main idea will be to discover which impact has the plant health on people and on the planet as whole. What are the main problems of plants, what we can do ourselves to take good care of them. During camp there will be meetings, discussions with local and international professionals of this field. Thematic photo and video contests for volunteers and camp participants will be organized.

Work: Activating kids in the city camp and providing them with cross-cultural learning experience. Volunteers will do it through informal methods of teaching and working in small group techniques. Among the activities to be held by team of volunteers are playing the games and music popular in the countries the volunteers represent; training kids to perform pieces of amateur drama; preparing festivals, intellectual and sport games as well as discussions and excursions round the places of interest; actions for peace and nature protection; leading and supporting kids in their work on the team projects within themes related to the general topic. Volunteers are responsible for the day activities in the camp. The work can be pretty hard, involving long working hours, requiring high level of commitment and responsibility. You will stay with kids 10.00 i 17.00 and spend another hour to prepare next day activities and feedback. In the course of camp there is one day off and at least one day of travel outside Tallinn together with kids. Before the camp activities start there will be 2 day training about camp methodology and preparation. Most of kids are Russian-speaking children from minority group of Tallinn. The total number of kids is 30 to 40. Volunteers will work in pairs facilitating and leading a smaller group of 10 - 12 kids during the day.

Accomodation and food: On beds in the class rooms of The Language School In Down -Town , in the centre of Tallinn. Toilets and showers are available. Volunteers will have their breakfasts and dinners at the place of accommodation; lunches will be organized for whole camp in the city centre. If you need a place to stay before or after the camp, we can help you to book a hostel in Tallinn. But it will not be possible to stay at the camp accommodation after or before the dates of your camp.

Location: TALLINN

Location and Leisure: LocationCamp takes place in school situated in the centre of Tallinn, Estonian capital www.visittallinn.ee/eng The meeting place will be in the school In Down Town at 14:00 on camp arrival date at Joe str 3, Tallinn. Leisure timeThere are many possibilities for leisure time activities as the camp will take place in the Estonian capital Tallinn where one can find attractions for any taste: sightseeing, museums, festivals, concerts, pubs, etc.

Train/Bus station: Tallinn

Requirements: Special requirementsYou have to be really motivated to work with kids. Please provide a motivation letter along with the application form. Experience in work with children is an advantage. Your ideas and actual preparation to do the activities for kids are essential. We expect active volunteers with a good knowledge of history and culture of their country as well as with an ability and wish to present it to others in a creative way. B2 level of English is required. The age of volunteers is from 20 to 30. Please note, before making final decision about your participation in the camp, the project coordinator will have Skype interview with you.Participation feeWe ask participants to contribute 30 Euro towards the costs of general administration. This fee has to be paid by bank transfer before the beginning of the camp. If you cannot make it please contact your sending organization for solution.

Language: eng,eng

Extra Fee: 30.00 EUR