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SJ/TEEN59 FRANCIA Coly - St Amand RENO,ENVI 12/08/2020 26/08/2020

FROM CASTLE TO ABBEY 3 | SJ/TEEN59 | 2020-08-12 - 2020-08-26 | RENO,ENVI | Age: 15 - 17


Hidden within a green valley, the commune of Coly - St Amand is located in the heart of the Périgord Noir, a territory rich in history! Composed of two former municipalities that decided to join together, we will contribute to uniting these formerly separate territories. The ruins of the abbey castle in Coly, a testiment to the valley s rich past, contain beautiful architectural elements (bread oven, vaulted room...) and more secrets that are still to be revealed. The abbey of St Amand is proof of the power of church had over this territory throughout the Middle Ages. After several workcamps dedicated to clearance work of the castle, this year we ll continue to unveil the ruins, but we ll also work around the abbey of St Amand to enhance its surroundings and the paths that connect the two villages. Festivals, night markets, and village celebrations will be held throughout the summer, and you will work with local volunteers to help set them up. By organizing your own set of activities with other volunteers and leaders, you ll discover the locals hospitality and and the charm of Coly- St Amand s landscape and heritage. With this project, you will be actively working for the Sustainable Development Goal n°11 from the United Nations: Sustainable cities and communities.

Work: In the morning. Physical work breaking up the terrain (shovels, pickaxes, wheelbarrow) and careful excavation (trowels, brushes...) and reinforcement work; trail maintenance and itinerary creation, clearing and pruning. Youll have the opportunity to discover many aspects of manual work.

Accomodation and food: You will be hosted at the municipal stadium where you will sleep in tents, mattresses provided. A covered dining area is reserved for you, and a kitchen where you can take turns preparing delicious dishes.

Location: Coly - St Amand

Location and Leisure: Location: Coly - St Amand is located in Périgord Noir, 10 km from the Lascaux caves, between Périgueux and Brive. Leisure activities: Swimming, canoeing, site visits, local festivals....

Train/Bus station: Condat-Le Lardin


Language: eng,fra

Extra Fee: 150 EUR