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SJ57 FRANCIA Garde Colombe RENO 09/08/2020 22/08/2020

THE CANYONS OF RIOU | SJ57 | 2020-08-09 - 2020-08-22 | RENO | Age: 18 - 90


Situted in the provençale Baronnies, the mountain of Saint Genis (part of the Garde Colombe village) is a geological formation that is emblematic of the region. The mountain is cut through with magnificent canyons that are crisscrossed by former paths that bear witness to significant activity on this massif that today is dedicated to logging. The site, situtated within unspoilt nature, is an amazing place to admire the surrounding landscape and exceptional vegetation. Several supporting walls made from dry-stone were built to open up the paths that wind along the slopes of this site. The proposed workcamp will be focused on the restoration of these supporting walls and the creation of steps, most notably on the trail leading to the former area of the castle. The regional natural park of provençale Baronnies, in parternship with the assocation Les Villages des Jeunes and the Pôle Randonnée de la Communauté de Communes du Sisteronais Buëch, launched an operation to raise awareness about and highlight the technique of dry stone mansonry. Elected officials and residents will be engaged in this operation by helping restoration efforts and promoting the discovery of dry stone built heritage (conferences, visists). The international workcamp is in line with these efforts, and will revolve around the continution of work that has already been done in 2019.

Work: Last year, this site welcomed multiple workcamps : a 2 week long international workcamp and a another one open to residents. These workcamps were tasked with 3 different jobs : the removal of the former village’s main road, the creation of a stone wall at the entrance of the site, and the removal of the dry-stone floor located in the church’s square. This first year allowed the issues related to dry-stone as well as the site to be highlighted in front of elected officials, residents, and tourists. This year, you will to continue the work undertaken last year and will be supervised by a professional in dry-stone masonry. A days work is expected to last 6 hours, and the organisation of the days will be discussed and decided on by the group. The pedagogical objective of this workcamp is to discover a traditional construction technique that only required materials are stones cleared from fields intended for agriculture, or those that are recovered from former buildings. Theoretical, historical, and practical approaches will be shared.

Accomodation and food: You will be housed in tents on the « Les Cigales » campground on the Garde Colombe village, a dozen kilometers from the workcamp site. A facilitating team will be present to help with the organisation of collective life during the two weeks of the camp : planning housekeeping tasks, developing menus and preparing meals alternately, organizing recreational activities and outings etc. The purchase of local products will be prioritized, and everyone will come with their own ideas, talents, and tips and tricks to help prepare meals.

Location: Garde Colombe

Location and Leisure: Location : Garde Colombe is located in the South of France, between the Alps and Haute Provence (20 km north of Sisteron). It is located in the Buëch valley in the heart of the medium mountains. It has several shops and organizes festivities during the summer period, notably on the site of the Riou lake. Leisure activities : The land of sunshine and amazing flavors, the provençale Baronnies massif is good living personified where you can enjoy outdoor activities in the heart of nature while also just lounging around ! Rich in natural heritage with agriculture that has adapted to the mediterranean climate within the mountains, the provençale Baronnies are known for their aromatic and medicinal plants : wild thyme, rosemary, lavender. In close proximity to Garde Colombe, you’ll be able to explore numerous sites : the medieval village and the rockclimbing sites of Orpierre, the Sisteron citadelle, the Clausonne abbey… you’ll also be able to take advantage of the many outdoor activities that one can practice in provençale Baronnies : hiking of all levels, rock climbing, VTT, and swimming.

Train/Bus station: Serres or Laragne-Montéglin (05700). Accessible via the stations Valence TGV, Valence city, Grenoble, Marseille Saint-Charles, Aix en Provence.


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