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MY-SCI 13.1 MALASIA Penang Work with people with disabilities / Peace / Sport 14/08/2020 24/08/2020

Four Engaging works of Peace, in Penang in the Far East

Camp code:

MY-SCI 13.1



Start Date:

14 Aug 2020

End Date:

24 Aug 2020


13: Community life

Special Topics:

No more war!


Mixed Age Camp

Work Types:

Work with people with disabilities / Peace / Sport

Number of volunteers:


International age:

18 - 80

National age:

16 - 80

Extra fee to be paid in the hosting country:

150.00 Euro [3112 Mexican Peso]  

  1. Accommodation and food: 100.00 Euro
  2. Transportation: 20.00 Euro
  3. Activities: 10.00 Euro
  4. Hosting organisation support: 20 Euro

Purpose of extra costs:

Board and Meal ( Eu 100), Transport ( Eu 20) Host (Eu 20) accommodation, Miscellaneous - insurance, certificates, (10). Please keep it in your mind that all personal expenses and free day expenses are excluded.

Required Language:



Description: Come and experience how Peace is promoted in this fascinating historic island of Penang. Over a short period of 10 days the volunteers will cover 4 exciting events and get to appreciate our Malaysia Community and Way of Life through your participation - 1st - an SCI initiated Peace Run where over 400 disabled joined 2000 over able participants in our Annual Peace Run, 2nd - work, interact and entertain residents at an Old Folks Home, and two centers for the Disabled, and 3rd – Nature Study and light work related to the flora and fauna of Penang Hills and assist in a Youth Development Module and 4th -A Family Day together with our Special People - .

Type of Work: 1st – the Peace Run – you are encouraged to participate in the 7km competitive run or 3.5km fun run, or help to push the wheelchairs of disable participants in the peace run event.. Also help out in the whole event management.. We plan to give an International Presentation if possible. 2nd – The volunteers will be servicing in three homes namely Cheshire Home, The St Nicholas Home for the Blind and The Cerebral Palsy (SPASTIC) Children Association of Penang . Wheel Chair maintenance at the Centers for disabled people., Gardening, Cleaning and also learn about Braille at the Blind Home. . 3rd – Be open to learn and work as an Nature Environmentalist and assist in a short Youth Leadership Training Program - 4th - Assist in the organising of the Family Day

Study Theme: Every evening there will be time for Reflection and sharing of one’s experience. Talks, Dialogue and Discussion Sessions on Peace will be held. Sightseeing to several of the popular and significant sites will be arranged. Penang is listed as on the UNESO Heritage City. Malaysia though a secular country with Islam as their official religion has an interesting model of moderation and development in lifestyle, infrastructure and economy

Accommodation: Basic accommodation with adequate facility available. Volunteers may stay in a bungalow up in a hill. It is highly recommended to bring a light blanket or sleeping bag and toiletries with you.

Language: English, plus local Malay and Hokkien or Mandarin

Requirements: Interested in volunteering and community services. Willing to learn, share and interact with people from different communities. Ability to adjust to the intercultural expectations of the community especially dressing at place of worships.

Approximate Location: Approximate Location: This work camp will be held in Penang which is better known as the Pearl of the Orient. It is also rated as having one of the best hawker stalls in the world. The 46 km round the island offers modernity, yester year uniqueness and nature. Penang is also an UNESCO endorsed heritage site. An opportunity to serve and understand the local culture, visit tourist sites, savour world class food.