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KS-GAI 10.1 KOSOVO BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina located 20 kilometers from Prishtina near the village Mramor Environment / Work with animals 01/08/2020 15/08/2020

Bears and berries

Camp code:

KS-GAI 10.1



Start Date:

01 Aug 2020

End Date:

15 Aug 2020


10: Environment protection

Work Types:

Environment / Work with animals

Number of volunteers:


International age:

18 - 99

National age:

16 - 99

Required Language:


Spoken Language:



Description: BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina was founded in 2013 by FOUR PAWS International to rescue brown bears which were kept in captivity. At our sanctuary, 20 bears are provided with proper care which consists of plenty of space where they can pursue their instincts, adequate diet, veterinary treatment and enrichment. The sanctuary is open for visitors and is helping to raise awareness about the need to preserve wild animal species in Kosovo. Visitors can see bears in their natural environment and learn more about the species and other animal welfare/nature protection topics. Since 2018, an Environmental Education Centre enriches the visitor & education offerings of the sanctuary and provides insight into a wide range of topics surrounding local environment, nature and wildlife.

Type of Work: Volunteers will work on collecting and processing information about plant species around the sanctuary, finding the importance these plant species have on lives of a wide diversity of animal species living around, on the environments as well and also on developing some methods/tools for providing this information for visitors. Volunteers will also work in helping the animal caretakers with their daily tasks (preparing the food and enrichment for bears, cleaning, etc.), monitoring bears at the sanctuary that includes observation and writing notes about bears’ behaviours, participating in workshops and discussions about animal welfare and taking pictures and video footages at the sanctuary. The volunteers will work 5-6 hours per day, 5 days per week.

Study Theme: Study part will be dedicated to bears, plants, animal welfare and nature conservation. We will organize workshops, discussions, walks, and hikes around the sanctuary, visits to cultural places etc.

Accommodation: Participants will stay in shared rooms in our education center in BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina. We can also provide volunteers with sleeping bags and mattresses. Also, the food items and cooking facilities are provided while volunteers have to cook for themselves (vegetarian food). There are two toilets and two showers with hot water.

Requirements: The volunteers are expected to do physical work and to be willing to learn. The work will require to be affiliated with plant and animal species, writing, for some teaching skills, and making and editing photos and videos. Both volunteers with previous experience in this kind of work and those without it are welcomed, there is space for everyone who has the desire to protect natural values.

Approximate Location: The camp will take place at BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina located 20 kilometers from Prishtina near the village Mramor. The Sanctuary is surrounded by the forest and meadows, where locals raise their cattle (cows, sheep, goats), and is far enough from traffic and other noises, thus represents a peaceful environment for residences of the Sanctuary.

Organization Description: GAIA, branch of SCI in Kosovo, is a peace organization working in a field of peace, understanding and solidarity between people, social justice and respect of environment. GAIA is also promoting cultural diversity and works on education and integration of marginalized and minority group in society. The main activities of GAIA are workcamps, youth exchanges, non-formal educational programs (trainings, workshops, seminars), organization of festivals, promotion of volunteering and solidarity in region of Balkans. www.gaiakosovo.wordpress.com