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CONCF-247 FRANCIA RICQUEBOURG RENO 12/08/2020 26/08/2020

RICQUEBOURG – Castle life! | CONCF-247 | 2020-08-12 - 2020-08-26 | RENO | Age: 18 - 99


Built in 1712, the castle of Ricquebourg, is located in the centre of a 44-hectare park, in the middle of a pond. Over the years it has changed owners many times. Thus, at the end of the 19th century, rich Americans occupied the place. The family expanded and laid out the park as a landscaped English garden with greenhouses. In the 20th century, the castle also lived to the rhythm of the wars. The building was partially destroyed during World War I and radically changed shape when it was rebuilt in 1925. The castle then adopted a smaller form, a trianon placed on a water mirror. Awareness of the condition of the property has been growing in recent years. The willingness of the owners to welcome the public more frequently is being felt. Thus, the association "Societe des Amis du Domaine de Ricquebourg" was created in order to carry out the necessary work to safeguard the chateau and open up the park. In this context, the greenhouses of the English garden must be able to offer a hosting and resting place for visitors (benches and tables, potential exhibition area...). This first project on the domain will thus bring dynamism to the site. The landscaped garden will once again live up to the international rhythm. It will also be an opportunity to meet and exchange with the owners, but also with the inhabitants of the village.

Work: Does French heritage make you think of castles? Commit yourself and come live two weeks of volunteering in a landscaped garden of 44ha. Bonus: a stunning view on an 18th century floating on water castle! You will renovate the greenhouses of the castle of Ricquebourg. If the castle was built in the 18th century, the greenhouses are witness of the American occupation of the next century. The intervention will consist of clearing, brushing and cleaning the inside and outside of the greenhouses, reinforcing the masonry and closing the canopy.

Accomodation and food: You will sleep under tents, in the garden of the castle. You will use the castle kitchen and bathroom, and outside toilets will be placed. You will share the different group life tasks and prepare meals together.


Location and Leisure: Ricquebourg is a peaceful village of about 280 inhabitants located in the Hauts-de-France, in the department of Oise, in the heart of the former Picardie region. The commune is 1h30 from Paris, 1h from Amiens and 30min from Compiegne. Rich in Gothic cathedrals, the region also has a varied heritage and a strong history to be found in the tourist points: Chateau de Chantilly (1h), Palais de Compiegne (30min), the Chateau de Pierrefonds (40min), the Armistice Quarry (30min), the cathedral district of Noyon, a unique medieval heritage (30mins), etc.

Train/Bus station: Wacquemoulin train station


Language: eng

Extra Fee: 0

Some of the work will be carried out at height using scaffolding. Please, bring working clothes and good shoes for the work. Tents are provided. As the nights can be quite cold, remember also to bring warm clothes, a warm sleeping bag and a sleeping mat. You can also bring some traditional food, photos, games, etc. to share with the other participants or the villagers!