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IWO-72 COREA DEL SUR Jinan, Jeollabuk-do SOCI,AGRI 27/07/2020 07/08/2020

Connected society | IWO-72 | 2020-07-27 - 2020-08-07 | SOCI,AGRI | Age: 18 - 40


Jinan is around 200 km (3 hours by express bus) away from Seoul. It is surrounded by mountains and well-known for beautiful sceneries. And it produces various healthy foods and agricultural products. It also has famous historical places and cities nearby such as Jeonju, Muju and Iksan so that it is convenient to visit and enjoy them. Jinan is also facing the depopulation and aging society issues like other provinces in Korea. It causes the depressed atmosphere of local villages because there are less young people and new happenings. The residents of Jinan have worked long to solve population decline especially that of teenagers and twenties. They are open minded to welcome and share their cultures to people.

Work: Participant will help to renovate village facilities and improve the living condition of elderly and disadvantaged people in the villages. For example, they will mend the farm waterway, fix shelves, garden and move furniture. They will help local farmers in the various farming areas such as water melon and rice field by picking and caring them. There are about 20 children in the children care center of village. Participant will organize the intercultural learning program in order to increase the children’s understanding of different cultures. They will have a fun and share their culture with local people in the evening.

Accomodation and food: Community house / Self-catering within the group

Location: Jinan, Jeollabuk-do

Location and Leisure: Visiting provincial park in Jinan and historic places in Jeonju

Train/Bus station: Jinan Bus Terminal

Requirements: Requested to have an interest in local society and life

Language: eng,kor

Extra Fee: 0