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IWO-74 COREA DEL SUR Goyang City, Gyeonggi-do ENVI,SOCI,KIDS 27/07/2020 07/08/2020

Save nature, Save future | IWO-74 | 2020-07-27 - 2020-08-07 | ENVI,SOCI,KIDS | Age: 18 - 40


Goyang is a quite unique and planned city in terms of harmony with nature and contemporary culture. It is next to Seoul, the capital of Korea, so that the business, housing and entertainment have been well developed. On the other hand, it has well preserved nature such as wetland, mountains and lakes. Especially, wetland is migratory bird habitat so city put an effort to keep it as nature as possible. The host, Goyang Youth Center, has been organizing and operating public campaigns with youth to raise the awareness while having hands on activities within the swamp. Participant will cooperate with youth for the conservation and community activities.

Work: ‘Janghang Swamp’ was designated as ‘Korean Wetlands protection’ by Ministry of Environment of Korea in 2006. Since it has been prohibited from public access for long, ecosystem is still preserved. Participants will organize activities and campaigns for ‘Janghang Swamp preservation’ with local youth on on-off line by actively using social media (Facebook, Instagram). Participants will also conduct voluntary service with a theme of environment conservation in the local village. In addition, participants will have international cultural understanding programs for local youth. It would be also interesting for participants to visit DMZ (close to North Korea border) together during a project because Goyang is nearby

Accomodation and food: At caravan park / Meals are provided & Self-catering

Location: Goyang City, Gyeonggi-do

Location and Leisure: Visiting cultural places in Goyang

Train/Bus station: Goyang Bus Terminal

Requirements: Interested in conservation and youth activities. Experience in the public campaign activities

Language: eng,kor

Extra Fee: 0