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ijgd 00206 ALEMANIA Hildesheim - Radiowerkstatt - 09/08/2020 22/08/2020

On Air with Radio Tonkuhle

WorkcampNr.: ijgd 00206
Location: Hildesheim - Radiowerkstatt
When: 09.08.-22.08.2020
Where: Lower Saxony; 30km from Hannover
Who: 12 participants from around the world, aged 16 - 26
Meals: The group will prepare and cook meals together.


Accommodation: You will be staying in comfortable shared rooms in the sports academy at KreisSportBunds Hildesheim e.V. You
will be sharing the large communal area and the kitchen with another ijgd workcamp which will be taking place at the same time as
Nearest Train Station: Hildesheim
Nearest Airport: Hannover
Notes: There is an extra fee of 395 € for this camp. Bus tickets for travelling around Hildesheim will be provided.
Special Requirements:
You will need a good level of English for the radio workshop. If possible, please bring a laptop and some headphones with you.
Radio Tonkuhle is the local radio station in Hildesheim and the surrounding area – radio for everyone to join in! Anyone that wants to
can share their own interests; this is how a diverse, colourful, 24-hour schedule is created. A number of a music programmes are
devoted to styles beyond the charts.
As part of the workcamp, you will be helping to design the radio schedule and will be able to get a strong insight into the goings on
behind the scenes. You will learn how to use a reportage device, how to develop questioning techniques in interviews and how the
studio technology works. Besides this, you get a taste of what it’s like to moderate a radio show, since you’ll be planning, designing
and moderating your own radio shows. The workshop will be led by a professional radio editor.
More information about Radio Tonkuhle can be found here: www.tonkuhle.de
Free Time:
Hildesheim is an old, historical town with 100,000 inhabitants. The cathedral and St. Michael’s Church are both UNESCO World
Heritage Sites. There is a large, free arts and culture scene with every type of music, theatre, exhibitions and parties. Besides this,
there is an outdoor swimming pool and a lake with open-air events in the evenings that are free to attend. The marketplace is
transformed into a city beach during the summer – a popular meeting point with events in the middle of town. Hanover, the capital city
of the Lower Saxony region, is only 30 minutes away by train.