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ijgd 70122 ALEMANIA Heiligengrabe TEEN, CONS, RENO 15/08/2020 30/08/2020

Workcamp Title: New Life in Middle-Aged Walls
WorkcampNr.: ijgd: 70122
Location: Heiligengrabe
When: 15.08. - 30.08.2020
Where: Brandenburg; around 100km North-West of Berlin, between Wittstock and Pritzwalk
Who: 15 participants from all around the world.
Accommodation: You will be staying in the seminar houses in Heiligengrabe.
Meals: The group will prepare and cook meals together.
Nearest Train Station: Heiligengrabe
Nearest Airport: Berlin
Notes: This camp is only for teenagers aged 16 or 17.
Extra Fee: 150 €
Category: TEEN, CONS, RENO
Together with your team you'll be living on the grounds of the monastery in Heiligengrabe, which was first built in 1287 and is the only
almost-fully-preserved Cistercian monastery in Brandenburg. Several buildings in the former estate are used by ijgd volunteers to hold
seminars. This project also offers you the possibility to experience the monastery as a spiritual place, as a monument and as a place
of culture. The work that has been started in the last few years – building footpaths, a play area, cutting and building a stone wall - will
be continued this year by your and your team, so that this historical place remains well kept and maintained. There will be craftsmen
and your group leaders on-site who will support you with these tasks, giving you the opportunity to discover new manual crafts skills,
or develop your existing talents.
Free Time:
Heiligengrabe is surrounded by nature and beautiful landscapes, which makes it an ideal place for bike rides and walking tours. On the


grounds of the monastery itself there’s plenty of space for you to play various sports and games, such as volleyball or football. There is
a lake which you can travel to by bike in around an hour. Besides this, you could visit other places over the weekends, such as the
historic towns of Wittstock and Neurippin or the metropolis of Berlin (100km away).